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Ballet Spartanburg to Perform Martha Graham’s Suite from Appalachian Spring

Ballet dancers in motion.

Ballet Spartanburg to Perform Martha Graham’s ‘Suite from Appalachian Spring’

Author: HERE News

Date: March 22, 2024


In celebration of its centennial year, the esteemed Martha Graham Dance Company chooses Ballet Spartanburg to share the stage in a riveting performance of Graham’s “Suite from Appalachian Spring.” Martha Graham, the iconic choreographer who introduced a modern American style into traditional ballet, usually only sees her work performed by her namesake company. Now, on March 23 and 24, Ballet Spartanburg is slated to present “Suite from Appalachian Spring,” a piece from Graham’s iconic ballet, “Appalachian Spring.”

A Historic Collaboration

“Appalachian Spring” is a product of a unique collaboration between Martha Graham and celebrated American composer Aaron Copland. To perform this significant piece, dancers from the Ballet Spartanburg underwent intensive training that spanned six hours a day for two weeks, under the watchful eyes of coaches from the Martha Graham Dance Company.

“She is the icon of contemporary dance. And it was her technique that dancers from all around the world have tried to learn,” stated Teresa Berline from Ballet Spartanburg.

To Carrie Preus, having the opportunity to closely engage with knowledgeable Graham coaches was nothing short of an honor. She expressed her excitement about performing a work that comes from such an esteemed lineage.

Not What It Seems

Interestingly, “Suite from Appalachian Spring” isn’t about the spring season in Appalachia. Instead, the inspiration for Graham’s choreography was a poem about a flowing mountain stream. The ballet tells a heartwarming story about a young couple navigating their way through life.

Real-life Parallel

“I play the bride. It’s pretty cool because I’m a bride-to-be in real life!” commented Ying-Chi, drawing parallels between her stage character and her real-life situation. She reminisced about her childhood in Taiwan, where she studied Martha Graham’s techniques, but expressed her surprise at being able to perform Graham’s work again after shifting base to the US.

Dance as a Universal Language

Ying-Chi firmly believes that the language of dance is universal and accessible to all. “Not only do we have ballet, we have contemporary class, lyrical class. If you just want the opportunity to move your body around, you should definitely try a class here with us,” suggested the eager dancer.

The remarkable performance by Ballet Spartanburg serves to reiterate the timeless legacy of Martha Graham and stands as a testament to the skills and dedication of the dancers involved.

Ballet Spartanburg to Perform Martha Graham’s Suite from Appalachian Spring Spartanburg SC

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