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Four beginner-friendly plants to include in your spring flower garden

Colorful garden blooms.

Four beginner-friendly plants to include in your spring flower garden

With warmer temperatures prevailing in Spartanburg, homeowners are eager to transform their gardens into a colourful biodiversity hub. Novice gardening enthusiasts are often recommended to kick-start their botanical journey with a selection of perennials that ensures continuity and beauty with blooms that reappear year after year.

Perennially Pleasing

Spartanburg’s Foster’s Garden Center, under the aegis of Ann Foster Viehman, recommends household favorites like blooming shrubs such as hydrangeas and azaleas, owing to their adaptability to the southern climate. “Little Limes can take the sun in this area, they’re really tolerant, so we sell a lot of those,” Mathis said. “We sell a lot of peonies, and a lot of your basic, old-timey shrubs that will hold up to the heat in this area.”

Easy-to-grow options

For a spring yard that marries aesthetics and easy care, here are four remarkable plant recommendations:

Autumn ferns

In spite of its name, these ferns are a delightful addition to a spring garden. Once established, they proliferate rapidly, perfect for providing ground cover or populating shadowy corners. “This is a great plant for a first-time gardener because once you get it established in your yard, it will multiply,” Viehman said.

Encore azaleas

A type of azalea that provides lush greenery throughout the year and flowers throughout the summer and till fall. Available in a spectrum of hues, including red, pink, and white, these azaleas stand apart from their conventional counterparts with their ability to bloom thrice a year, their blooms are most substantial during spring and late summer, with sparse flowering in mid-summer.


Expanding quickly, begonias embellish gardens with a burst of color that lasts throughout the summer. However, they are particular about their sunlight requirements with the lighter leaf varieties demanding shade and the darker ones enduring the southern summer sun and heat. “When everything else is kind of spent out, these will be blooming” Viehman said.

Little Lime Hydrangeas

For a garden that ebbs and flows with the seasons, the Little Lime Hydrangeas are an excellent pick. Although they bloom a tad bit later, they spend the entire summer in bloom. “It goes from lime green to a white and then to a pinkish tone as it dries,” Mathis said. “So it gives you beauty from probably the first of June on until fall.”

As per HERE News, whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, adopting these plant recommendations are sure to bring life and color to your gardens this spring. Start your seedlings now for a summer full of vibrant blossoms.

Four beginner-friendly plants to include in your spring flower garden Spartanburg SC

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