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Beloved Gardener Honored with “Yard of the Month” Awards in Spartanburg County Community

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One Spartanburg County Community Honors Beloved Gardener with “Yard of the Month” Awards

DUNCAN, S.C.– In a heartwarming tribute to an authentically cherished member of the community, the city of Duncan has inaugurated its “Yard of the Month” award, celebrating the beauty of local landscapes in commemoration of beloved gardener, Lisa Foster. Foster’s passion for gardening and her charismatic persona has made a noticeable impact in the lives of those within her community, motivating friends and neighbors to develop their own patches of green.

Lisa Foster’s Influential Love for Gardening

“Lisa was one of the good friends of my aunt. All I remember from the old days is that they were always either tending to plants in Lisa’s yard or my aunt’s. As a little girl, I was fortunate to share those experiences with them”, Alicia Fulghum, a close friend of Lisa, reminisced about their shared love for gardening. Fulghum recalls growing up under the guidance of Lisa and her aunt, treasuring the wisdom imparted by Foster about gardening.

“They taught me how to plant a pot: a thriller, a filler, and a spiller- they used to say. These are plants that grow tall, stand out, and fill out your empty spaces,” Fulghum added.

Memory of a Vibrant Gardener

Lisa’s regular trips to Ridge and Company, a local plant nursery, was a testament to her dedication towards cultivating her green space. She had a community of friends with whom she shopped for flowers from all over. Foster’s energetic character reflected in her vibrant garden, with a display of bold shades and varied flora.

With this tribute, the memory of her contributions lives on among the community, inspiring others to continue her work of creating beautiful, natural spaces. “Though her demise was a great loss, honoring her memory through the Yard of the month initiative propels us forward in a positive direction,” Fulghum stated.

Origins of “Yard of the Month”

The “Yard of the Month” competition, initiated by Foster, serves to spotlight yards and gardens that embody creativity, attention, and devotion. Duncan’s Mayor, Shirley Clopton, shared, “Lisa always had a beautiful garden every year. She deserved recognition. Unfortunately, she fell ill, and while we couldn’t honor her then, we can do so now to ensure her legacy lives on.”

The city takes great pride in celebrating Foster’s contributions, creating a tradition that extols the virtues of gardening within the community. “Yard of the Month isn’t just about who has the best lawn or grass. It’s about much’s about the love and thought you put into gardening,” Fulghum mentioned.

Award for “Yard of the Month”

The title of “Yard of the Month” is not merely honorary. Winners are set to receive a $50 gift card from Ridge & Company Lumber & Building Supplies on Duncan Reidville Road, allowing them to further their gardening efforts and contribute to the community’s beauty.

Through this award and the legacy Foster left behind, the spirit of community and love for nature continue to thrive and flourish in Duncan, a testament to the enduring impact of one beloved gardener.

Beloved Gardener Honored with "Yard of the Month" Awards in Spartanburg County Community Spartanburg SC

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