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Spartanburg Welcomes First Black Fire Chief

Firefighter breaking barriers celebration.

Spartanburg Welcomes First Black Fire Chief

In a groundbreaking development for Spartanburg, South Carolina, Pierre Brewton, a local, has made history by becoming the city’s first Black fire chief. The announcement of his appointment places him at the forefront of an enormously significant career path that has traditionally been dominated by white males.

Path to Firefighting

Brewton’s journey to this role started from a humble beginning. He originally worked as a sanitation worker for the city of Spartanburg. Determined and driven by a desire to serve his community, he seized an opportunity to transition into the firefighting field that presented itself in 1994. Although over 130 candidates were vying for the position, Brewton was selected, starting his career as a firefighter.

A Climbing Career Ladder

Brewton’s unrelenting work ethic did not stop at his newfound career, as he tirelessly sought out opportunities for growth that eventually led to his promotion to fire chief in Albemarle, North Carolina, in 2020.

Brewton expressed his sentiment on his career progression, “I started my career from firefighter to sergeant to Lt., to Captain.” Now, adding the title of the first Black fire chief to his impressive track record is something he does not take lightly. “That is an honor and I’m not going to downplay that honor. It’s a lot of responsibility,” he admits.

Return to Spartanburg

With the Spartanburg fire chief role opening up, Brewton saw it as a golden opportunity to return to his native city. Unbeknownst to his mother, he went through the application process and was offered the job by Chris Story, the city manager.

Brewton shared the touching moment when he surprised his mother with the news, saying, “I’ll be taking over as the new fire chief for the city of Spartanburg. She looked at me. She looked and she screamed and hugged me. She started crying saying, my baby can come home and go to church.”

Dedication to Community Building

Brewton’s commitment extends beyond his dedication to the service. He also emphasizes creating a diverse and inclusive fire department that mirrors the population of Spartanburg. His aim is to solidify a deeper bond between the fire department and the community they safeguard.

The historical appointment of Pierre Brewton is not just a step forward for the city of Spartanburg, but it is also an inspiration to other aspiring firefighting professionals and communities nationwide.

Source: HERE News Network.

Spartanburg Welcomes First Black Fire Chief Spartanburg SC

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