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South Carolina Record Rainfall Causes Flooding in Charleston, Multiple People Rescued

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South Carolina Record Rainfall Causes Flooding in Charleston, Multiple People Rescued

Downtown Charleston Suffers Catastrophic Rainfall

Charleston, South Carolina — This laid-back, historic city known for its Southern charm was anything but tranquil over the weekend as record-breaking rain overwhelmed the city’s drainage system, leaving many areas submerged in water.

Breaking Records with Torrential Downpour

According to the National Weather Service, an unprecedented 3.63 inches of rain fell on downtown Charleston on Saturday, smashing a longstanding one-day record of 1.43 inches from 1948. Meanwhile, at Charleston International Airport, the rainfall reaches 1.95 inches, breaking the record of 1.13 inches set in 1998. The deluge was so extensive it exceeded the city’s preparation and infrastructure, leaving roads waterlogged and buildings heavily damaged.

Rescue Operations and Infrastructure Damage

Emergency Services on High Alert

The Charleston Fire Department reported responding to 12 incidents of sinking vehicles as a result of the extensive flooding. In these high-stress situations, the department further assisted in evacuating 13 people from their vehicles or flood waters, helping to ensure their safety in the midst of the unexpected climate chaos.

High Winds Cause Further Chaos and Destruction

Adding to the chaos, high winds shattered several windows, causing significant damage to a tire company building, and ripping off the sheet metal roofing from several nearby businesses. The extreme winds even snapped off the top of a power pole, emphasizing the scale and intensity of this unusual weather event. There were no immediate injuries reported due to the storms and flooding.

Collapse of a Church Ceiling in North Charleston

Yet, within the trail of devastation, there were sinister moments that hinted at the potential hidden dangers this storm was capable of. Among them, there was a worrying incident where the ceiling of a local church in North Charleston collapsed under the weight of the intense rainfall, displaying the severity of the storm for all to see.

Building Destruction in Charleston City

One of the more prominent cases of property damage was witnessed at Hay Tire Pros, where the building suffered both interior and exterior damage due to the harsh rainfall and high winds. Part of the interior ceiling collapsed, while several external windows buckled under the pressure.

End of a Turbulent Day

As the evening drew in, the residents of Charleston found a moment of respite. A silence hung over the city that had just witnessed weather conditions rarely seen in this region. However, beneath this silence was an affecting sense of resilience and camaraderie among the people of this Southern city, a resilience that will be needed as they face the clean up and rebuilding in the days to come.

Residents, city officials, and emergency services all are working collectively to get the city back to its norm, highlighting the strength of Charleston’s community spirit in the face of such adversities. This recent event stands as a stern reminder of the intensifying unpredictability of our climate, and the paramount importance of preparation and resilience in these challenging times.

South Carolina Record Rainfall Causes Flooding in Charleston, Multiple People Rescued Spartanburg SC

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