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Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg County

Firefighters at Chemical Plant

Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg County

In a swift response to a potential crisis, fire crews adeptly managed a fire incident at a chemical plant in South Spartanburg County. The plant, owned by Syensqo, reported a small fire outbreak around 4pm on Wednesday, sparking immediate activation of the deluge system and the company’s emergency response actions.

Swift and Effective Response

The local fire department was called to the scene, contributing significantly to the containment of the incident quickly and efficiently. The fire, though minor, was successfully extinguished with cooperation from both the chemical plant’s in-house responders and the local fire department ensuring no injuries were sustained.

The company extended its thanks to the first responders via an official statement. “We can confirm that the fire is now extinguished and there were no injuries. Syensqo wants to thank all first responders for their collaboration”, the statement read. The company further sought to ease public worry by stressing that the safety of their employees, the surrounding neighborhood, and the environment remained their chief priority.

No Danger to the Public

Officials from the South Spartanburg Fire Department further confirmed that the chemicals at the plant were securely confined during the incident. Through this assurance, the fire department sought to mitigate any public concern about potential chemical exposure or community endangerment that may have arisen following the fire outbreak at the plant.

Continued Vigilance

The fire incident, though contained promptly, serves as a reminder of potential hazards associated with chemical plants. Syensqo itself has pledged transparency with the public in regard to the incident, promising to release detailed reports of the accident in due time. The local fire department similarly suggested a rigorous internal review of the incident, ensuring the lessons learned would aid prevention of such incidents in future.

In light of the incident, HERE News Network encourages everyone in the vicinity of such facilities to remain vigilant and be aware of safety procedures in case of such occurrences in the future. Fires at chemical plants can pose a significant risk due to the potential of chemical leaching into the environment.

Stay tuned to HERE News Network for more updates on this story.

Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg County Spartanburg SC

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