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Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg Co.

Chemical plant fire aftermath

Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg Co.

A fire broke out at the Syensqo chemical plant in South Spartanburg, but no injuries were reported.

Firefighters in Spartanburg County responded to a fire at the Syensqo chemical plant yesterday afternoon. The fire, which occurred at approximately 4 p.m., was quickly contained thanks to the combined efforts of on-site emergency responders and local fire department personnel. After several hours, the situation was brought under control, and no injuries were reported.

Company’s Response

The company confirmed the incident in a public statement. It read, “ Syensqo can confirm that there was a small fire today on site. Our internal trained emergency responders activated the deluge system and began emergency response actions. The local fire department was called and they have been instrumental to this response. We can confirm that the fire is now extinguished and there were no injuries. We want to thank all first responders for their collaboration.

Adding further, “Syensqo understands your concern and can assure you that guaranteeing the safety of our employees, our neighborhood, and the environment is our first and foremost priority. Again, we want to thank all first responders.”

No Danger to the Community

Officials from the South Spartanburg Fire Department have also confirmed that all chemicals at the plant were contained during the incident, ensuring there was no threat to the public. They emphasized that the swift responses of both the plant’s internal responders and local firefighting personnel were pivotal in preventing any further escalation of the situation.

Presently, both the fire department and Syensqo are working together to investigate the cause of the fire and assess any potential damage to the facility.

Aftermath of the Incident

In the aftermath of the incident, stronger emphasis has been placed on the safety protocols and measures to mitigate such situations from occurring in the future.

While the situation is currently under control, local authorities are advising residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or abnormalities in their neighborhoods. The fire department is actively working with Syensqo to ensure that all safety checks and protocols are in place and working effectively.

Closed Investigation

As of this report, the chemical plant is currently off-limits as investigations continue. However, the company is confident that its operations will soon return to normal, as there are no major structural damages to the plant. The company wishes to reassure both its employees and the general public that its facilities will be safe and operational as soon as possible.

Crews Respond Following Fire at Chemical Plant in Spartanburg Co. Spartanburg SC

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