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Cherokee County School District Begins Superintendent Search in Spartanburg, SC

"Superintendent search meeting"

Cherokee County School District Begins Superintendent Search

Spartanburg, SC

The Cherokee County School District in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has taken a significant step towards finding a new superintendent to lead the district. The school board unanimously voted to hire the South Carolina School Boards Association to assist in the search for a qualified candidate.

Hiring the School Boards Association

The decision to bring in outside help for the superintendent search comes after the district’s former superintendent, Dana Fall, was placed on paid administrative leave and later agreed to resign following a controversial leadership transition. The School Boards Association will be tasked with identifying and recruiting potential candidates to fill the vacant position.

The association will receive an upfront payment of $7,500 from the district, with an additional payment of up to $20,000 upon completion of the search process. This collaborative effort aims to ensure that the selection of the new superintendent is carried out effectively and in the best interest of the Cherokee County community.

Committee Formation

In addition to hiring the School Boards Association, the Cherokee County School Board is forming a four-person superintendent search committee. This committee will play a crucial role in evaluating candidates, conducting interviews, and ultimately recommending a suitable individual to lead the district.

Mark Nix, the school board chairperson, emphasized the importance of community involvement in the superintendent search process, highlighting the impact that the new leader will have on the education of students in Cherokee County.

Interim Superintendent

While the search for a permanent superintendent is underway, the district has been operating under the leadership of interim superintendent Carl Carpenter, who previously served as the deputy superintendent. The board interviewed candidates for the interim position behind closed doors but has not yet made a final decision on the appointment.

The selection of an interim superintendent is expected to provide stability and continuity in district operations until a permanent leader is appointed. The board remains focused on ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining a strong educational environment for students and staff.

Looking Ahead

As the Cherokee County School District moves forward with its superintendent search, the board is committed to selecting a candidate who embodies the values and goals of the community. The collaboration with the School Boards Association and the establishment of a search committee reflect the district’s dedication to finding the best possible leader for its schools.

Stay tuned for updates on the superintendent search process and the future of leadership in the Cherokee County School District.

Published on April 12, 2024

Cherokee County School District Begins Superintendent Search in Spartanburg, SC Spartanburg SC

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