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District Leaders Unanimously Vote to Name Part of Spartanburg Co. High School After Former Coach

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District Leaders Unanimously Vote to Name Part of Spartanburg Co. High School After Former Coach

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. – In a heartwarming gesture of honor and recognition, Spartanburg County School District 3 revealed that the Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Monday night to dedicate a portion of Broome High School to a beloved former coach from the institution. The district officials disclosed that the guidance wing of the school will soon bear the name of Marion “Dooley” Miller, a coach who left a profound impact on the school community.

A Notable Recognition

Earlier this year, a group initiated efforts to rename the gymnasium at Broome High School in honor of Coach Miller. However, after a thorough review process, a committee put forth a recommendation to name the guidance wing after him, citing that his influence extended far beyond the realm of coaching. District officials explained that Miller’s exceptional qualities of connection, leadership, guidance, and counseling, coupled with his sense of humor, made his contributions to the Spartanburg School District Three community truly exceptional.

Tribute to an Inspirational Figure

“Mr. Miller influenced a greater number of students, staff, parents, and community members through his special connection to people, his servant leadership, his guidance and counseling through his words of wisdom, and of course his humor as these, in addition to serving as a coach, embody his inspirational and outstanding contributions to Spartanburg School District Three,” remarked Spartanburg School District Three Superintendent Dr. Julie Fowler.

Dedication Ceremony Planned

District officials have outlined plans to host a dedicated ceremony for the newly named guidance wing during the upcoming academic year of 2024-25. The event will serve as a poignant moment to commemorate Coach Miller’s legacy and the enduring impact he has had on the school and its community.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

Through this gesture of renaming a part of Broome High School after Coach Miller, the district leaders aim to ensure that his memory and contributions are cherished and remembered by generations of students to come. His legacy of mentorship, leadership, and compassion will continue to inspire and resonate within the school walls.

This announcement reflects the deep appreciation and gratitude that the Spartanburg County School District Three holds for Coach Miller, underscoring the lasting impact of individuals who go above and beyond in their roles within the educational community.

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District Leaders Unanimously Vote to Name Part of Spartanburg Co. High School After Former Coach Spartanburg SC

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