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Controversial Custody Case with Links to Upstate Homicide Case Dismissed

Courthouse Drama Unfolds

Controversial Custody Case with Links to Upstate Homicide Case Dismissed

Justice Prevails In Greenville, S.C.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A hotly contested custody case with connections to a shocking Greenville County Homicide has been dismissed by the court. The defendant, John Mello, arrested last year, has been accused of breaking a custody agreement with the mother of his child, Christina Parcell, whose death has shaken the Upstate community.

A Decision to Keep His Child Safe

In official court documents, Mello’s defense has stated that the decision to take his daughter abroad in October 2020 was to ensure her safety from Bradly Post, who was Parcell’s fiance at the time of her untimely death. Post allegedly obtained numerous explicit pictures of a child, uncovered from his electronic devices following Parcell’s death.

The Judge’s Landmark Verdict

After due deliberation, the court dismissed the charge against Mello concerning the custody case on Tuesday afternoon. Marcelo Torricos, the defence attorney for John Mello, said, “This verdict is a milestone we have been waiting for. John has endured a lot. He was doing his best to safeguard the child given the information at his disposal.”

The State’s Case and Defense’s Response

The prosecution maintained that Mello had defied Parcell’s custody rights by taking their daughter out of the country, thereby interfering with her visits and communicating.

“Mello barred any communication with their child. No calls, no texts, no Facebook messages. The evidence will show his intention was to take charge without family court authorization, thus violating Christina’s custody rights”, stated the prosecution.

Torricos, countering these claims, argued that Mello, who had sole custody, had not breached the custody agreement, citing the relevant state statute concerning custodial interference.

The Continuing Legal Process

The defence lawyer referred to the situation as a “made for TV” story, filled with plot twists and villains. He passionately spoke about Mello’s character stating, “It’s a script depicting a father, striving to protect his daughter from the ones who are supposed to love, safeguard and keep her safe.”

Mello’s legal journey is not over yet. He’s still accused of harassment connected with the incidents that lead to Parcell’s death.

Stories That Keep Greenville on Its Toes

Such legal cases offer a stark look into the realities of domestic struggles and violence. The dismissed custody case is a fair conclusion to Mello’s protracted legal ordeal, while the remaining charges testify to the intricate tapestry of local legal tangles that continue to hold the attention of Greenville, S.C. residents.

Sources: HERE News Network

Author: HERE News

Controversial Custody Case with Links to Upstate Homicide Case Dismissed Spartanburg SC

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