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New Spartanburg County Initiative Helps Adults to Finish College

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New Spartanburg County Initiative Helps Adults to Finish College

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Spartanburg community leaders have a new program in place to help thousands of adults who didn’t finish college earn their degrees. OneSpartanburg, INC. officials told 7NEWS their goal is to help five thousand people who haven’t finished college earn their degrees with their free re-degree initiative. The non-profit organization launched the re-degree program early this summer as part of their Movement 2030 plan to reduce income and racial gaps.

Supporting Adult Learners

The Re:Degree program is designed to help students with things like applying for financial aid and transferring credits from one college to another. It also connects students to resources that can help them overcome barriers to re-enrolling, such as housing and food insecurity.

Personal Testimonial

Riley Blackwell, a current student at Spartanburg Community College, shared her experience with the program. “I went through a lot of personal stuff, and that’s part of the reason I didn’t do well at Charleston Southern. And so, this has just kind of helped me get back on my feet,” said Blackwell.

Program Impact

Director of Adult Degree Re-Engagement for One Spartanburg, Inc. Dr. Erin Smith says the re-degree program is helping around 180 students right now to finish college. “We want to make this process as smooth as possible to make sure they’re comfortable, make sure they have all the information that they need,” said Smith. “I’d like to say it’s like a concierge. We’re here to help them in terms of whatever they need.”

Gratitude for the Program

Blackwell expressed her gratitude for the program, stating, “They’ve just been there every step of the way. They called me when it was time to enroll, and all the dates and stuff they’ve kept me up along with that, so it’s been good.”

Contact Information

Anyone who wants to learn more about the program can visit their website here.

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New Spartanburg County Initiative Helps Adults to Finish College Spartanburg SC

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