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Crews Working to Remove Downed Line in Spartanburg Co.

Emergency Line Repair Crews

Crews Working to Remove Downed Line in Spartanburg Co.

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. – Swift and diligent action is being carried out as crews descend upon a scene in Spartanburg County where a line is reported to have fallen due to a broken pole on Tuesday.

The Downed Line Incident Report

The city’s Fire Marshall confirms that emergency calls were triggered roughly around 4:43 p.m., indicating a line down along Ammons Road. On arriving at the site, the City Fire discovered the exact problematic zone and are currently ensuring that no potential safety hazards are lurking around the area.

In the face of this incident, fortunately, no power outages have been reported throughout the area which can be deemed as a progressive sign in managing this crisis thus far.

Response from Duke Energy

Duke Energy, the serving power company, is already at the scene, focusing on clearing the area and ensuring that top priorities are placed on safety and resuming normalcy as quickly as possible. The crew on site is strategizing their operation to minimize inconvenience and continuously working to fix the problem at hand.

Residents Cooperation Advised

In light of the current situation, residents are being requested to cooperate with the crews on site and maintain a safe distance from the area as an essential safety measure until the line is fixed. Additionally, citizens are advised to report any unusual findings like flickering power or electrical disruptions at their homes to the power company.

Spartanburg’s Management of the Situation

The quick discovery and immediate attention to the downed line is a testament to Spartanburg’s efficient emergency response system. Key players including the Fire Department and Duke Energy are working round the clock to address the situation effectively to nullify potential risks that may accrue from the fallen line.

Swift information dissemination to the public regarding this incident stands as a key strategic move implemented to ensure the inhabitants of Spartanburg County are aware of the situation, thus applying the necessary precautions.

Getting Back to Normalcy

The efforts to bring back normalcy in the shortest time possible are proving fruitful as no power outages have been reported. A testament to the City’s preparedness, rapid response, and the unwavering resolve of dedicated teams. All necessary measures are being deployed to ensure that daily life in Spartan burg County can return to normal as soon as possible.

We’ll Keep You Updated

Our dedicated team at HERE News Network will keep you updated about the ongoing situation and restoration progress. Stay safe, keep updated and let’s uphold the spirit of Spartanburg County.

Crews Working to Remove Downed Line in Spartanburg Co. Spartanburg SC

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