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Demolition Begins at Former Herald-Journal Building in Downtown Spartanburg

Urban renewal through demolition

Demolition Begins at Former Herald-Journal Building in Downtown Spartanburg

New Beginnings At An Old Site

On Thursday, demolition officially kicked off at 189 W. Main St., the former location of the Herald-Journal. Workers from DEMTEK LLC were spotted using cranes to remove bricks from the top half of the building’s exterior, paving the way for new city development.

This initiative was undertaken as the site will be reshaped for a considerable multi-use development project encompassing the future Fifth Third Park. Owned by Johnson Development Associates, the building’s ground will soon transform into a hot-spot featuring a baseball stadium, office and retail spaces, and even a parking deck across Daniel Morgan Avenue. The project also promises a plethora of apartments and a state-of-the-art hotel, contributing to a citywide urban growth spurt.

Rich History Making Way For The Future

The Herald-Journal building, erected in 1970, has been a long-standing structure within the locale. The Spartanburg Herald-Journal remained the solitary tenant of this construct, with Gannett as the last lessee. The employees of the Herald-Journal have been working remotely since 2022. The lease ended in early 2024, marking the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Cautious Approach To Asbestos Issue

Recently, there were concerns raised about asbestos exposure during the demolition process. However, professionals have assured that proper measures are in place to abate any possible asbestos material present in the building before tearing it down completely.

City Officials Remains Mum

When reached out for further comments or plans regarding the site, both the city officials and Johnson Development Associates chose to exercise their right of silence on Thursday. With many speculations brewing, it appears that the city and developers wish to keep their plans under wraps for the time being.

A New Chapter in Spartanburg’s Development

Undeniably, the demolition of a longtime city resident like the Herald-Journal building is akin to turning a new leaf in the developmental story of downtown Spartanburg. The anticipated multi-use project promises to infuse a breath of fresh air into the cityscape, providing new opportunities and amenities for the community to enjoy.

Keeping An Eye On The Future

As cranes and workers thrum on the site, citizens of Spartanburg look eagerly to the future. With each brick removed, the former Herald-Journal building slowly fades from the physical landscape, making space for new memories and experiences.

Final Note

The ongoing demolition work signals the dawn of an exciting era of transformation for Spartanburg. The multi-use project, featuring convenient residential and commercial spaces, seeks to contribute meaningfully to the city’s continued growth and evolution. This development will undoubtedly mark a significant milestone in the city’s history as it forges ahead into the future.

Demolition Begins at Former Herald-Journal Building in Downtown Spartanburg Spartanburg SC

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