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Meeting Held by District, State Leaders Following Controversy Over SC High School Basketball Game

High school sports controversy

Meeting Held by District, State Leaders Following Controversy Over SC High School Basketball Game

Upset and Concerns Sparked Over High School Basketball Game

Rock Hill, S.C. – Following a high school girls’ basketball playoff game that sparked a tumultuous debate, state and district leaders held a meeting to discuss the outcry among parents. The primary concern is the allegation that the game was unjust and discriminatory, leading to a heightened atmosphere within the community.

Morris, a parent of one of the players, alleged that the game was not called fairly, “Our girls were getting hit”, he said, “They were getting beat up down low, and we were not getting any foul calls. If we barely breathed on the other team, they would make every single call on those girls.”

Racial Discrimination Claims

Concerns escalated as some parents claimed their predominantly Black team experienced racial bias during the game. Accounts of incident indicated that they were told they didn’t belong in certain areas of the stands. The game ended in a two-point win for Riverside High School, sparking further concerns among parents and players alike.

The Faulty Playoff Game

The controversy revolves around a playoff game held last week between the Lady Stallions of South Pointe High School and Riverside High School in Greer. The season came to an abrupt end following the controversial game that led to claims of unfair treatment and discrimination.

Meeting with South Carolina High School League

The Inter-school body responsible for regulating school sports in South Carolina, the South Carolina High School League, had a meeting with South Pointe’s athletic director, coach, and principal to address the controversy. Despite the meeting, parents were left disgruntled with the fact that a rematch was off the table.

Protestors won’t back down

Despite the decision, parents and community members are determined to not let this issue fade away. Lanear Barnett, another parent, declared that they intend to picket, wanting everyone to see how much they love and support their girls.

District’s Statement on the controversy

Rock Hill Schools acknowledged the call with state officials and affirmed their respect towards the decision and outcome of the game. The school has committed to respecting all game outcomes once the final buzzer sounds, regardless of the circumstances.


The uproar sparked by this controversial basketball game has left the community divided and tensions high. As protests continue, it remains to be seen what steps the South Carolina High School League and the district authorities will take in response to the allegations of unfair treatment and discrimination in the aftermath of this contentious game.

Meeting Held by District, State Leaders Following Controversy Over SC High School Basketball Game Spartanburg SC

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