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Duncan Park Lake in Spartanburg Allows Recreational Boating for the First Time in Over 60 Years

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Duncan Park Lake in Spartanburg Allows Recreational Boating for the First Time in Over 60 Years

An Exciting Change for Spartanburg Residents

Duncan Park Lake in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is undergoing some exciting changes. The city’s Parks, Recreation & Special Events department recently announced that recreational boating will be allowed on the lake for the first time in over 60 years, bringing an opportunity for new water leisure activities to locals and visitors alike.

A New Chapter for Duncan Park Lake

This monumental decision forms part of the authority’s vision to breathe new life into the underused sections of Duncan Park. The plan includes constructing a brand new dock and offering on-site kayak rentals for visitors to enjoy the now-accessible lake waters. Officials stated that much of the park is currently underutilized or completely closed to the public, and this initiative aims to change that.

The Future of Duncan Park

These exciting developments form part of a more comprehensive plan for Duncan Park. The City of Spartanburg has further plans for renovating two youth baseball fields, updating restroom facilities, improving the concession stand, and introducing historical markers to commemorate the legacy of Negro League baseball in Spartanburg.

The overall revisioning strategy emerged as a product of widespread public input, based on three different surveys that garnered over 750 responses. This displays a remarkable level of community involvement in reshaping the park’s future. For more information on these developments, citizens can refer to the official Parks, Recreation & Special Events department’s webpage.

Recreational Boating – A Boost for Local Tourism

Allowing recreational boating on Duncan Park Lake is expected to be a primary catalyst for local tourism, inviting new and repeat visitors to experience the charms of Spartanburg. The initiative will potentially boost the area’s economy while offering a fresh way for locals to enjoy their leisure time.

This move is being celebrated as another step towards rejuvenating the city’s public spaces, prioritizing community recreation, and promoting an active lifestyle among Spartanburg’s residents.


This step by the City of Spartanburg Parks, Recreation & Special Events department to permit recreational boating on the Duncan Park Lake marks a significant shift in the city’s recreational direction. It not only breathes new life into an underused resource, but also invites community engagement and tourism to elevate.

The revitalization of Duncan Park, including plans for improved sporting facilities and historical markers, encapsulates the city’s commitment to community development via the promotion and ease of recreational activities. The City of Spartanburg is looking forward to seeing the positive impacts of these changes on both the local community and the growing tourism industry.

Duncan Park Lake in Spartanburg Allows Recreational Boating for the First Time in Over 60 Years Spartanburg SC

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