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Ex-SC Senator Knocks Down Good Samaritan after Charleston Hit-And-Run

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Ex-SC Senator Knocks Down Good Samaritan after Charleston Hit-And-Run

Former state senator John Robert Kuhn is facing multiple charges after a hit-and-run collision in Charleston that resulted in significant property damage and a shocking encounter with a concerned passerby. Shockingly, Kuhn reportedly knocked down a Good Samaritan who confronted him about the collision.

Details of the Incident

The Charleston Police Department (CPD) shared that the incident took place on March 7 around 4 p.m. A teenager under the age of 18 revealed that while she was waiting to make a left turn on Columbus Street, a car overtook her on her left and collided with her sideview mirror. It was later discovered that the person driving the car was none other than Kuhn.

According to police reports, Kuhn left the scene only to stop later at a traffic signal. This action attracted the attention of a man who confronted the ex-senator about the hit-and-run incident. Rather than defusing the situation, Kuhn knocked down the man when he drove off.

Video Evidence of the Incident

A video recorded on a cell phone captured the altercation between Kuhn and the man. The footage conclusively depicted Kuhn hitting the man with his vehicle. Traffic cameras also contributed additional footage that helped authorities identify Kuhn.

Kuhn’s Statement to the Police

The day after the shocking incident, police succeeded in contacting Kuhn. The former senator confessed to being in the area of the collision on the previous day. He mentioned encountering a person who behaved erratically and approached his vehicle. Despite acknowledging his presence at the scene, Kuhn claimed that he was unaware he had hit the teenager’s sideview mirror.

Kuhn’s Driving History

The March 7 incident was not Kuhn’s first encounter with the law in relation to traffic violations. He has been pulled over multiple times for various offenses while driving his Range Rover. Notably, Kuhn had been cited 14 times for 16 different traffic violations since 2008.

His record includes repeated citations for careless driving and speeding. Furthermore, police concluded that Kuhn contributed to three traffic accidents he was involved in since 2017.

Despite several attempts to reach him, Kuhn has yet to comment on the charges against him and the incident’s details.

Implications of the Incident

With South Carolina being an “at-fault” state, the driver’s actions contributing to a crash can be used to assign liability to drivers and their insurance companies for damages and injuries caused by accidents. Kuhn’s past driving record might play an essential role in determining his liability in this case.

Concluding Remarks

The shocking incident and Kuhn’s questionable driving history have raised significant concerns in the local community. As legal proceedings continue, citizens await justice for both the teenager and the brave Good Samaritan.

Ex-SC Senator Knocks Down Good Samaritan after Charleston Hit-And-Run Spartanburg SC

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