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Separate Crashes in South Carolina Result in 1 Fatality, 1 Injury

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Separate Crashes in South Carolina Result in 1 Fatality, 1 Injury


In the early hours of Monday, two separate incidents on the roads of South Carolina resulted in one fatality and at least one injury. The accidents occurred less than twelve hours apart, according to authorities.

Monday Morning Accident

The first event involved an accident off Bettis Academy Road in Aiken. Authorities report that the incident, which happened early Monday morning, resulted in at least one person sustaining injuries. Dispatch from Aiken County confirmed that they were present at the scene of the accident which took place on I-20 westbound, mile marker 13 off Exit 11 at around 5:23 a.m. Emergency vehicles were seen at the site which involved a flipped vehicle by 5:42 a.m.

The South Carolina Highway Department of Transportation made it known that as of 5:43 a.m., traffic was minorly impacted due to the crash.

Fatal Crash in Allendale County

Just hours before the aforementioned accident, South Carolina Highway Patrol was investigating a fatal crash in Allendale County. The unfortunate event left one person dead on Sunday night. Troopers detailed that the fatal accident occurred off Confederate Highway and Miller Swamp Church Road at approximately 5 p.m.

They reported that a 2000 Cadillac was traveling north on Confederate Highway when it veered off the right side of the road and overturned. Tragically, the driver, who was the only occupant in the vehicle, died at the scene.

Reminders for Road Safety

Incidents such as these serve as necessary reminders of the importance of road safety. Drivers are encouraged to remain vigilant and heed safety regulations while on the road, to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring. These include maintaining the speed limit, not driving under the influence or when tired, and ensuring that your vehicle is in a good working condition to take to the road.

Moreover, drivers are urged to be particularly cautious while traversing roads known to be accident-prone or during hours when visibility is reduced, and to always ensure that everyone inside the vehicle is securely fastened in with seatbelts.

Safety measures such as these go a long way in not only protecting individual drivers and passengers, but also ensuring the overall safety of road users. Our condolences go to the families of those affected by these unfortunate incidents, and we wish the injured individual a speedy recovery.

Separate Crashes in South Carolina Result in 1 Fatality, 1 Injury Spartanburg SC

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