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Meet Gail Moss Carson: Spartanburg’s Spring Fling Volunteer Extraordinaire since 2005

Community festival volunteer dedication.

Meet Gail Moss Carson: Spartanburg’s Spring Fling Volunteer Extraordinaire since 2005

In the heart of Spartanburg, the much-anticipated Spring Fling festival is ready to dazzle the city with mirth and jubilation from April 26-28. Expected to draw over 100,000 visitors, the festival is a heady mix of music, food, and colorful celebration. Still, as the townsfolk await the festival, we must shine the spotlight on one unsung hero who has been silently shaping the festival’s palpable fervor for the last 19 years – Gail Moss Carson.

The Indomitable Spirit of the Festival

Citizens of Spartanburg have known Gail Moss, 68, as a cheerful, diligent, and warm-hearted former radio host. But her rise as the city’s volunteer extraordinaire began when she found her calling in bringing people together through the Spring Fling since 2005. She has become an indomitable spirit in the community, using her experience and connections in the music industry to handpick artists for the festival, all while managing the colossal setup equipment.

“It was right down my alley, especially since I worked in radio,” Moss stated with modest confidence. “I had met a lot of artists, so I knew how to get the acts. It makes you feel good when you can be out there, seeing the faces of the people enjoying the event.”

Festival Highlights

The festival is traditionally centered around Morgan Square Stage, where Moss’s hard work and passion truly shine with a lively lineup of musical acts. The festivities for this year will be a feast for the senses, with family fun zones, a vast vendor marketplace, and non-profit booths. Add to this mix a food court that will feature a delicious assortment of manifestations of the local culinary traditions, and you got yourself a gala event.

A New Addition: Jeep Show

Besides the signature bike race, Spring Fling will also feature a new addition this year – A Jeep Show on Sunday. Jeep owners will display their vehicles and compete for awards, promising an exciting culmination to the festival. “It’s a competition alright,” expressed Aundreana Hunter, the city’s special events manager. “Carolina Classic is the one who puts it on, but there’s a voting and a big award show after.”

Gail Moss’s exceptional dedication and commitment towards the Spring Fling have garnered her due praise from city officials, including Hunter who referred to her as a “gem” within the community. “I would like to give a huge thank you to Gail for her continuous commitment to Spring Fling and all of our special events,” Hunter commended. “Gail is such a gem that we are so thankful for!”

A beloved citizen

Besides her involvement in the Spring Fling, Moss also lends her volunteer services to other special Spartanburg events, including Juneteenth and the International Festival, cementing her place in the hearts of her community. Her enthusiasm and dedication towards serving her community echo throughout Spartanburg, making her an inspiration to all who cross her path.

While the city shines under the Spring Fling’s lively ambiance, one can’t help but admire the tenacity and dedication of this remarkable woman, who tirelessly strives to make her community a better place. Here’s to Gail Moss Carson – the city’s volunteer extraordinaire, the heart of the Spartanburg, and the unsung hero of Spring Fling.

Meet Gail Moss Carson: Spartanburg's Spring Fling Volunteer Extraordinaire since 2005 Spartanburg SC

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