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Greenville, Spartanburg Influencers React to US Efforts to Ban TikTok

Influencers React to Ban

Greenville, Spartanburg Influencers React to US Efforts to Ban TikTok

Vote in the House

On Wednesday, March 13, the US House of Representatives approved a bill potentially forcing ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, to sell the app or face a ban in the United States. The bipartisan bill passed the House with an overwhelming majority of 352 to 65. It is now heading to the Senate, where its fate remains uncertain. However, President Joe Biden has indicated that he would endorse the bill, signing it into law if it reaches his desk.

If the proposed law is enacted, app stores run by Google and Apple would be prohibited from distributing or providing updates for TikTok. In addition, web hosting companies would be banned from distributing the app.

South Carolina Representatives Weigh In

Among the South Carolina representatives, Nancy Mace (R-1) and James E. Clyburn (D-6) voted against the bill, while Joe Wilson (R-2), Jeffrey Duncan (R-3), William Timmons (R-4), Ralph Norman (R-5), and Russell Fry (R-7) cast their votes in favor.

The Impact on Influencers

Greenville-based social media influencer Bailey Lavender and Jorden Hall from Spartanburg expressed concern at the potential ban of TikTok. Lavender sees TikTok as not just a platform for fleeting trends but also a space where people grappling with mental health issues can seek help. Many mental health professionals offer their services for free on the app.

Lavender, who enjoys a following of over 2.3 million users, covers a range of sensitive topics such as weight loss, anxiety, depression, her experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and struggles with infertility. She is concerned that the app’s ban would create a vacuum in the area of online mental health support.

Charley McFarland, who manages Lavender’s brand along with several others, echoes Lavender’s sentiments. As a brand manager, McFarland’s job will be at risk if TikTok is banned. Moreover, she would need to find alternative platforms for the numerous creators she manages.

The Effect on Businesses

Lavender, a small business owner, is unsure of the ways to market her services if TikTok is banned. The app has played a crucial role in boosting her brand, particularly her local hairstyling services. “The loss of TikTok would make marketing a lot more challenging for small business owners and entrepreneurs like myself,” she said.

Other Voices in the Debate

Jorden Hall, another TikToker from Spartanburg, uses her platform to promote kindness, love, and body positivity. If the ban goes through, not only will it detract from influencers’ ability to raise awareness and empower others, but also deprive them of their livelihood. “The ban will strip away an inclusive, body-positive space that women have longed for,” Hall said, adding that it would amount to a curb on free speech.

Unsure about the future, these influencers remain hopeful that their voices and causes would still find avenues even if TikTok is blocked in the United States.

Greenville, Spartanburg Influencers React to US Efforts to Ban TikTok Spartanburg SC

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