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Former Herald-Journal Building Scheduled for Asbestos Abatement

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Former Herald-Journal Building Set for Asbestos Abatement

The erstwhile home of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, located at 189 W. Main St. in downtown Spartanburg, is slated for asbestos abatement and demolition. The building’s present owner, Johnson Development Associates, plans to demolish the establishment to make way for its upcoming project: the Fifth Third Park and its surrounding multi-use development.

Apart from the baseball stadium and parking structure, which will be erected on the opposite side of Daniel Morgan Avenue, the development will serve a broad range of purposes. This includes retail stores, apartment flats, office spaces, and even a hotel.

A Historical Review of the Building

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal had been the lone occupant of the 189 W. Main St. building. Until as recently as 2013, media conglomerate Gannett leased the building. Spartanburg County Assessor’s records show that the building was sold for an impressive $4,168,000 in 2013. By 2023, its market value had appreciated to $4,583,900.

Employees of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal were regular occupants of the building until March 2020, following the outbreak of COVID-19. The advent of remote working resulted in the building remaining sporadically occupied between 2021 and 2022. After 2022, the news staff transitioned completely to remote work. Gannett’s lease of the premises lapsed at the beginning of 2024.

However, Gannett officials have declared that they were ignorant of the presence of asbestos in the building. The well-being of our employees is always our topmost priority. We were unaware of the presence of asbestos,” stated Leisa Richardson, the executive editor of the Greenville News, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, and Anderson Independent-Mail.

The Asbestos Issue

Constructed in 1970, the building at 189 W. Main St. was built during a time when asbestos was a staple of construction material due to its strength and heat resistance capabilities. Asbestos was used in a variety of applications ranging from insulation and floor tiles to adhesives and paint. However, exposure to asbestos particles and fibers has since been linked with fatal diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Currently, both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate asbestos.

Public Safety during Abatement

City Communications Manager Christopher George ensured the public of their safety during the asbestos abatement as long as they keep away from the building. In his statement, he said, “Our building inspections department works diligently with these contractors to ensure everybody’s safety.” He anticipates the work will commence in a few weeks.

As the building comes down to make way for the new development, this location that once echoed with the bustling activities of the Herald-Journal staff, will soon contribute to the economic growth of downtown Spartanburg.

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Former Herald-Journal Building Scheduled for Asbestos Abatement Spartanburg SC

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