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New Indonesian Food Delivery Service Launched in Spartanburg, Greenville

Indonesian feast delivery celebration

New Indonesian Food Delivery Service Launched in Spartanburg, Greenville

A spirited infusion of Indonesian culture arrives in the Spartanburg, Greenville area in the form of a unique food delivery business. Dewi Mayasari, renowned Spartanburg designer, introduces Tropic Asian Market, a promising food delivery service that offers authentic Indonesian dishes made from scratch and a variety of pre-packaged Indonesian snacks and condiments.

Keeping the Indonesian Culture Alive

Mayasari has made a name for herself through her popular downtown Spartanburg boutique, Dewi Maya, which featured handcrafted purses and accessories. However, after the recent closure of her boutique, she has shifted her business to an online platform and a mobile store. But before transitioning, she has launched Tropic Asian Market, an Indonesian food delivery service, to serve the local community.

With no Indonesian restaurants in the Spartanburg-Greenville area, despite a large Indonesian community, Mayasari hopes to bring the authentic flavors of her homeland to locals. “I want to offer authentic Indonesian dishes here in Spartanburg,” she said. True to her commitment to authenticity, she grows less commercially available herbs in her garden to lend that original taste to her dishes.

How Does Tropic Asian Market Operate?

Customers can explore the grocery and meal menu at Tropic Asian Market’s website,, from Monday through Friday. The delivery service extends to Spartanburg and Greenville counties every Sunday, with a minimum order of $35.

What’s on the Menu?

Each week sees a rotating menu filled with tantalizing Indonesian dishes ready for delivery. Fan favorites include Pepes Ikan, a traditional dish featuring steamed salmon wrapped in banana leaves, and the slow-cooked Indonesian beef stew, Rendang. Another popular choice is Gado-gado, a salad with assorted vegetables, tofu and peanut sauce.

For customers tasting Indonesian cuisine for the first time, Mayasari recommends the grilled chicken. “I use coriander, garlic, and sweet soy sauce. I cook it with coconut water and then I grill it,” Mayasari said, underscoring the dish’s mouth-watering appeal.

The Unique Flavors of Indonesian Cuisine

Mayasari believes that Indonesian cuisine’s distinctive balance of flavors and time-intensive cooking process separate it from other Asian cuisines. Offering both sweet and spicy dishes, the cuisine also stresses the importance of slow, meticulous cooking methods to achieve the perfect flavors. As Mayasari shared, making the beef stew can take about four hours, while preparing sticky rice can take hours as well.

As author HERE News elaborates, this delicious dialectic within Indonesian cooking affirms how Dewi Mayasari’s Tropic Asian Market is not only set to satisfy Spartanburg and Greenville foodies but also promises to be a cultural milestone for Indonesian expats in the local community. Through her efforts, Mayasari ensures that Spartanburg, Greenville is delighted by the sensory journey through Indonesian cuisine, further reinforcing the area’s rich and diverse food scene.

New Indonesian Food Delivery Service Launched in Spartanburg, Greenville Spartanburg SC

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