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Local Couple Brings Smoky Deliciousness to Pacolet with Jolly Rogers Woodfired BBQ

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Local Couple Brings Smoky Deliciousness to Pacolet with Jolly Rogers Woodfired BBQ

In the town of Pacolet, a new culinary establishment has sprung up, offering a unique spin on classic barbecue. Jolly Rogers Woodfired BBQ was opened on May 9th by local husband-and-wife duo Joshua and Jennifer Rogers. The restaurant is located on Pacolet Highway and stands on the grounds of a former motorcycle club building dating back to the 1940s.

From Firefighter to Pitmaster

Josh, an experienced pitmaster, honed his barbecue skills during his tenure at the Gaffney Fire Department. He partners with his wife Jennifer, who contributes her family recipes to the mix, to provide classic and new dishes. The standout feature of the Jolly Rogers is its woodfired barbecue. The meats are smoked using local pecan, wild cherry, oak, and hickory wood in their Lang 84 Smoker, an integral part of their smokehouse, which was freshly added to the structure.

A Menu That Stands Out

The restaurant offers pulled pork, chicken, brisket, ribs, and hot dogs with smoked chili, among others, and pairs them up with a house-made Carolina vinegar sauce. “We don’t take any shortcuts. We don’t even own a microwave here,” shared Josh. The couple prides themselves on their selection of homemade sides and their signature slaw. “My family had a restaurant in Pacolet in the 40s, and my great aunt gave me her mother’s recipes,” revealed Jennifer.

Dessert Anyone?

For those blessed with a sweet tooth, the Rogers have a treat planned – the Pecan Delight, a dessert encompassing homemade pecan crust and a cream cheese whipped cream filling – is set to debut soon. In the meantime, customers can indulge in their homey banana pudding.

Reasonable Prices and Future Plans

The prices at Jolly Rogers are quite wallet-friendly. A half-pound of brisket is priced at $13, a half-pound of pork costs $8, and a whole rack of ribs is available for $25. You can make it a meal by adding two sides and a drink for an extra $5. The Rogers are keen on expanding their business. Aside from the woodfired barbecue, they plan on serving coffeehouse favorites after Memorial Day and staging live music performances on Saturday afternoons.

Farm to Table BBQ

The couple aspires to be more self-sufficient by eventually using pigs from their farm for their barbecue. “We have a little farm just around the corner. We raise pigs. Eventually, we’d love to get where we can have our own pigs on our grill here and have farm-to-table barbecue,” confessed Josh.

When to Visit?

Jolly Rogers Woodfired BBQ is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until the barbecue sells out. Experience the combination of local hospitality and authentic smoked barbecue in Pacolet.

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Local Couple Brings Smoky Deliciousness to Pacolet with Jolly Rogers Woodfired BBQ Spartanburg SC

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