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Former State Senator Kuhn Accused of Hit-and-Run

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Former State Senator Kuhn Accused of Hit-and-Run

On Monday, former State Senator John Robert Kuhn was charged with several offenses relating to a hit-and-run incident that took place in downtown Charleston. The charges include property damage to an attended vehicle and improper passing, adding to an already lengthy list of driving infractions attributed to the former senator.

Details of the Incident

The incident was first reported on March 7. A young driver, who is under the age of 18, reported that she was waiting to make a left turn on Columbus Street when a vehicle traveling east struck her driver’s side mirror as it made an improper pass. The driver was later identified as John Kuhn, who fled the scene without addressing the damage that he had caused.

Man Knocked Down by Kuhn’s Vehicle

According to the Charleston Police Department (CPD), Kuhn continued driving after striking the teenager’s car. When Kuhn stopped at a traffic signal on Meeting Street, a bystander confronted him regarding the hit and run. Instead of resolving the situation Kuhn proceeded to make his escape, knocking the man down as he drove away.

Available Recordings of the Incident

A bystander recorded the incident with his cellphone and turned over the footage to the police. In addition, the traffic cameras in the vicinity captured Kuhn’s actions. Both forms of evidence corroborated the victim’s account and were instrumental in identifying Kuhn as the perpetrator of the hit-and-run

Statement from Sen. Kuhn

When questioned by law enforcement the following day, Kuhn acknowledged being present at the scene of the accident but claimed that an erratic individual had approached his vehicle, prompting him to leave. He mentioned being unaware of the collision with the teenager’s car and promised to take care of the damages.

John Kuhn’s Background

John Kuhn is currently a managing partner at the Kuhn & Kuhn Law Firm. Between 2001 and 2004, he represented parts of Berkeley County and Charleston County as a state senator for District 43. Kuhn’s driving record, however, tells a story of careless actions and disregard for traffic laws.

Previous Driving Violations

Kuhn has a history of driving infractions, having been pulled over multiple times for several violations including careless driving, disobeying a traffic device, contributing to an accident, and speeding. His traffic violations date back to 2008, with the most recent incident occurring in 2024.

Litany of Traffic Infractions

Records indicate that Kuhn has been pulled over four times for speeding between the years 2013 and 2020. He was also penalized three times for contributing to an accident from the year 2017 to 2021. Irresponsible driving seems to be a common thread in his driving history — he was pulled over for careless driving on four different occasions dating back to 2008. His behavior demonstrates a chronic disregard for road safety, often leading to dangerous situations for the public.

Former State Senator Kuhn Accused of Hit-and-Run Spartanburg SC

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