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Live Healthy Spartanburg Kicks Off June with Health Awareness Event

Community health event activities

Live Healthy Spartanburg Kicks Off June with Health Awareness Event

Spartanburg Celebrates Community Health Awareness Day

In an effort to promote the importance of regular health check-ups and active living, Live Healthy Spartanburg is launching the month of June with a health-focused event aimed at the local community. The one-day Community Health Awareness Day (CHAD) is designed to encourage residents of all ages to make their well-being a priority. The event is preparing to commence tomorrow morning at 8 AM at Carver Middle School with a starting event of 5k health awareness walk.

Active Seniors Encourage Health Prioritization

A local octogenarian spiritedly supports the cause. Betty Smith, who is nearing her 80th birthday, showcases her commitment to maintaining her health. She entails the significance of placing health appointments on the top of the list by conveying, “I get an appointment and they cancel it. No, I don’t need them canceling. I always try to put that first, put your health first.” Through the free health services offered at the event, Smith and other attendees like her will benefit.

Focused on Improving Health Outcomes

Organizer Jalisa Jordan has identified the purpose and focus of the event. She highlighted, “This event was started to mainly focus on the health of our black and brown community members because we have the poorest health outcome when we look at chronic health conditions.”

Smith pointed out the pragmatic essence of the event for seniors in particular stating, “Most seniors are on a fixed income like I am, and it’s free. They should come out and get it.” And she is not the only one who thinks so.

Healthful Activities for All Ages

Jordan appeals to the community to participate stating, “We’ll kick off our event with a 5k health awareness walk. If there are members of your family that aren’t as mobile, we even have some stationary exercises.” The event is inclusive and has scheduled activities for youth such as yoga and a three-on-three basketball tournament, establishing a day filled with amusement and health consciousness for all ages.

Diabetic Smith looks ahead to gaining more knowledge about her condition along with active participation. She shares her intention, saying, “When I went to the doctor, they told me I was on the borderline. I’m taking medicine for that, trying to watch what I eat, and staying active.”

In a nutshell, the awareness day stands as a beacon for community health and well-being. Its aim – to bring together individuals of all age groups for a day filled with learning, activity, and most importantly health awareness. This initiative emphasizes that regardless of age or health condition, everyone can invest in their health and reap the rewards.

Live Healthy Spartanburg Kicks Off June with Health Awareness Event Spartanburg SC

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