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Monarch Food Truck Park Commences Operations Just in Time for Spring for Spartanburg Residents

Food truck park illustration.

Monarch Food Truck Park Commences Operations Just in Time for Spring for Spartanburg Residents

A Variety of Savory Delights Await Food-Lovers

Spartanburg, S.C. – As the sweet scent of sizzling empanadas and hot dogs wafts through the air, residents of Spartanburg have begun their gastronomic journeys at the newly opened Monarch Food Truck Park. The park has emerged as a harbinger of spring, offering a plethora of dining options amidst the warming weather.

Lakeisha Whitner, a local resident, shares her anticipation, “We’ve been waiting for weeks for this to happen.” The park is an exciting addition to the food landscape of Spartanburg and was conceived by owner Liberty Canzater due to a market gap she noticed. Most restaurants in the area are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, leaving residents with limited dining options.

The Birth of a Community Culinary Hub

Canzater spots in this pattern a unique opportunity to provide an array of food choices to her fellow community members. “I think there are a lot of people in the community looking for a variety of sources to eat from and so this being an opportunity for them to come out and see all the different selections,” Canzater remarks.

Whitner echoes the sentiment of convenience, appreciating the accessibility to diverse food offerings in one location. “Getting to have them right here in this yard on this park makes life easier when it comes to making my food choices,” she shares.

Variety is a cornerstone of the Monarch Food Truck Park, hosting a range of vendors such as Brothers Catering and Sabrosas Pupusas catering to diverse palates for lunch. Think smoked legs, fried ribs, green tomatoes, okra, fries, and much more.

Thriving Food Business, Happy Patrons

Anthony Garcia, the owner of “You Wanna Empanada,” joins in the enthusiasm of the park’s arrival. “I feel it’s going to be great because it does get busy here for all the vendors that do come here on the weekend, so hopefully, Monday and Tuesday will get busy here again,” said Garcia.

Canzater convincingly sees the food truck park as a method of community engagement and bonding. “There’s not a food truck parked out here in Spartanburg. Some of it’s exciting to see what people respond to. Also to be engaged with our food truck operators,” Canzater notes.

Operational Hours and Location

Monarch Food Truck Park will operate on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 AM to 3 PM for lunch, and from 5 PM to 9 PM for dinner. The evening slot also includes a dedicated happy hour, adding a festive spirit to the dining experience. The park is located at 498 Howard Street in the parking lot of Northside Harvest Park. Residents of Spartanburg can now look forward to delightful culinary escapades as they explore this new, vibrant addition to their food scene.

Source: HERE News Network

Monarch Food Truck Park Commences Operations Just in Time for Spring for Spartanburg Residents Spartanburg SC

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