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Orangeburg Man Receives Federal Prison Sentence for Drug Delivery Scheme

Mailman and Marijuana Exchange

Orangeburg Man Receives Federal Prison Sentence for Drug Delivery Scheme

A tale of mail and marijuana unfolds in Orangeburg

In an unprecedented case, an Orangeburg, South Carolina man has been sentenced to over three years in federal prison for engaging in a drug trafficking conspiracy. The accused, 37-year-old Lemont Antwaun Darby, was allegedly involved in paying a mail carrier to deliver marijuana packages, facilitating his illicit drug trade.

Complicated operations to traffic marijuana

Federal court records indicate that Darby, characterized as a drug dealer, had been receiving shipments of marijuana originating from California. In a shocking turn of events, Darby is reported to have colluded with a city carrier from the Columbia Main Post Office and the Dutch Fork Station in 2022 to manage the delivery of the drug packages.

Through a series of transactions, Mjaan Roland, a 31-year-old mailman from Chapin, was paid between $100 to $200 per delivery, effectively serving an integral role in Darby’s drug-distribution network. Payments were made using an online payment app. Additionally, Roland was also reportedly provided with drugs from Darby, thereby benefitting from the illicit trade.

The charge and the verdict

Upon investigation by authorities from the U.S. Department of Justice, both Darby and Roland were arrested and consequently pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Lemont Antwaun Darby has now been sentenced to spend over three years in a federal prison. Mjaan Roland, the mail carrier who functioned as the unassuming courier in the drug dealing plot, is presently awaiting his sentencing.

A twist in the saga – from mailman to marijuana mule

This crime offers a curious case study providing insight into the complications of drug trafficking. With a mail carrier involved, the case illustrates the lengths individuals are willing to go to in order to successfully operate illegal businesses. Furthermore, it draws attention to the severity of the penalties associated with drug-related offenses, especially those concerning distribution.

A stern warning for those involved in drug trafficking

As law enforcement continues to crack down on illegal activities concerning drugs, it should be noted that the sentence handed to Darby serves as a stark reminder of the consequences. The message is clear – those found facilitating or indulging in drug trafficking can expect severe penalties – a cost that would significantly outweigh any temporary financial gain that comes from engaging in such illicit activities.

Orangeburg Man Receives Federal Prison Sentence for Drug Delivery Scheme Spartanburg SC

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