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Spartanburg Man Receives Prison Sentence for Terrorizing Local Citizens

Prison bars and handcuffs.

Spartanburg Man Receives Prison Sentence for Terrorizing Local Citizens

The Perpetrator’s Crimes and Apprehension

In a recent announcement from the Spartanburg County Solicitor’s Office, a terrifying series of events leading to almost a week of terror for the citizens of Spartanburg, South Carolina, has finally come to a conclusion. Pleading guilty on Wednesday was the 21-year-old Dorian Samir Petty for a variety of charges – notably, attempted murder, armed robbery, and carjacking causing significant bodily injuries.

Weeklong Spree of Crime

Starting on September 4, 2022, Petty’s crime spree began with a shooting at an apartment complex located on Abner Road. Early at 4 a.m., a man was found by the authorities with a bullet wound in his leg. According to victim’s friend, four to five men approached their car armed with firearms, ordered them out, and began shooting before fleeing with the victims’ vehicle. Later that day, the stolen vehicle was located, pushed into a nearby creek.

The instances of crime carried on. On the same day, at the Kensington Apartments, another shooting took place, resulting from a verbal argument with an uninvolved pair of individuals. September 6 saw a burglary at Smart Pawn in Chesnee, followed by a break-in at an automobile sales store and Camp Croft Trading Company, two days later.

Apprehension of the Accused

On September 8, a scheduled traffic stop for a stolen vehicle resulted in the arrest of the perpetrators. The arrest was far from peaceful – the five men in the stolen vehicle decided to open fire on the deputies carrying out the stop.

Sentencing and Justice Served

The shocking series of incidents certainly called for a strict punishment. As the spearhead of these crimes, Petty was given prison sentences of varying durations. He was handed 15 years for second-degree burglary; 10 years each for discharging into a dwelling and possession of a stolen vehicle; 5 years each for possession of a stolen firearm, possessing a weapon during a violent crime, and grand larceny; and finally, a 30-day sentence for two counts of causing malicious injury to personal property. The cumulative sentence ensures that Petty will be spending nearly two decades behind bars.

Concluding Remarks

Dealing justice on such serious crimes reinstates the faith in the legal system for many. It assures the citizens that the rule of law prevails, and criminals will be penalized. These incidents serve as a stern reminder of the grim consequences faced by those who choose to disrupt the peace and security of society. It is a strong admonition to anyone who even remotely considers following such a dangerous path in life.

Contributions sourced by HERE News Network.

Spartanburg Man Receives Prison Sentence for Terrorizing Local Citizens Spartanburg SC

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