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South Carolina School for the Deaf Celebrates New Playground

Excited elementary students playing

South Carolina School for the Deaf Celebrates New Playground

Six-Month Awaited Playground Open for Elementary Students

Elementary students at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind finally got the chance to explore their new playground this week. After a six-month wait, students and faculty participated in an eager ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the uniquely constructed natural playground. The new facility is conveniently located near their classrooms, saving students the previously required 10-minute walk needed to reach the only other playground on campus.

A Playground Built with Love

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the school’s president, Ms. Jolene Madison, remarked on the necessity of the new playground. “A few years ago, a decision was made to consolidate the elementary and middle school for the deaf with the high school for the deaf,” Madison said. “The unfortunate consequence was the children were much farther away from a playground. Thanks to the construction of this new playground, our students now have easy access to the equipment and space necessary for beneficial physical activities.”

Bolstering Motor Skills Through Play

Principal Sarah Davis commented on the vital role the playground plays in enhancing students’ motor skills. Among the facilities available on the new playground are a spinning disk, mini rope courses, rock walls, slides, and balance beams—all thoughtfully designed to aid students in developing their gross motor skills. Furthermore, the ABCs and feelings wall, presented in Braille, ASL, and English, offers a multi-modal approach to exposing students to different aspects of communication.

Students’ Favorite Playground Features

Speaking with some students, the curvy slide down the hill was a popular favorite. These amiable features, combined with a closer proximity to their classrooms, provide the students with more opportunities to release their energy in a safe and structured environment.

Including Classes in The Playground

Jillian Bechtel, a first and second-grade teacher at the school also expressed her excitement for the new playground. “If they have a lot of energy, we can just go outside and play,” Bechtel said. “With the ABC’s and feelings wall, it allows us to have more activities out here and have some classes outside. The students are so attached to the playground; even the third graders are reluctant to move to middle school because they want to stay and enjoy the playground. It’s clear they all love it very much.”

South Carolina School for the Deaf Celebrates New Playground Spartanburg SC

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