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South Carolina Tops List in Drunk Driving Fatalities

Southern drunk driving problem.

South Carolina Tops List in Drunk Driving Fatalities

The Palmetto State leads the nation in alcohol-related traffic fatalities

In an alarming revelation, a recent study by Simrin Law Group has identified South Carolina as having the highest rate of drunk driving fatalities in the nation. The problem is widespread, with drunk drivers accounting for 43% of all traffic deaths. This number towers over the national average, which stands at 32%, indicating a critical problem in the state.

Drunk Driving: A Southern Problem

The problem of drunken driving appears to be particularly severe in Southern states. In Texas, for example, alcohol-related accidents accounted for 42% of all traffic fatalities. In New Mexico, 33% of traffic fatalities were attributed to drunken driving. This indicates a troubling trend throughout the Southern region of the United States.

Worst 10 States for Drunken Driving

The study provides a comprehensive ranking of the ten worst states for drunk driving. The list is dominated by Southern States, highlighting a significant regional concern:

  1. South Carolina (Rating: 100.0)
  2. Texas (Rating: 83.65)
  3. New Mexico (Rating: 80.77)
  4. Wyoming (Rating: 74.39)
  5. Montana (Rating: 71.72)
  6. Arizona (Rating: 70.31)
  7. Oregon (Rating: 70.25)
  8. Louisiana (Rating: 65.11)
  9. Mississippi (Rating: 63.55)
  10. Alabama (Rating: 60.96)

Greenville and Spartanburg: Traffic Death Hotspots

Within South Carolina, Greenville County has recorded the most highway traffic deaths so far in 2024, closely followed by Spartanburg County. Between January and June 2, Greenville saw 35 deaths, whereas Spartanburg recorded 25. Comparatively, larger population areas like Richland and Charleston counties witnessed 18 and 23 traffic deaths respectively.

S.C. Highway Patrol Trooper Mitch Ridgeway pinpoints fast population growth and dangerous driving habits, including distracted driving, alcohol impairment, and speeding, as contributing factors to these concerning statistics. “Things like impaired driving are very preventable typically in 2024 because there’s more information out now than ever on the dangers of impaired driving,” comments Ridgeway.

Drunk Driving: A Nationwide Issue

A nationwide concern, 32% of all traffic fatalities in the United States in 2022 were linked to drunken driving, equating to 13,500 lives tragically lost.

Interestingly, Northeastern states such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut consistently rank low for drunken driving rates. Factors such as greater access to public transportation and stricter DUI laws are possibly responsible for their successful prevention measures.

Utah Leads in Drunk Driving Prevention

Utah stands as an exemplar state, seeing only 22% of traffic deaths related to alcohol, a full 10 percentage points below the national average. Their rates of fatalities and involvement in fatal drunken-driving crashes were also significantly below national averages, spotlighting Utah’s effective preventive measures.

The top ten states with the least drunken driving issues are:

  1. Utah (Rating: 31.39)
  2. New Jersey (Rating: 31.79)
  3. Massachusetts (Rating: 31.80)
  4. Minnesota (Rating: 36.22)
  5. New York (Rating: 36.68)
  6. Alaska (Rating: 36.78)
  7. Pennsylvania (Rating: 39.31)
  8. Michigan (Rating: 40.64)
  9. Wisconsin (Rating: 41.03)
  10. Hawaii (Rating: 41.47)

Overall, the need for stronger enforcement, education and state-level interventions to reduce drunk driving remains critical, especially in states with a higher prevalence of drunken driving fatalities.

South Carolina Tops List in Drunk Driving Fatalities Spartanburg SC

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