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South Carolina Primary: Voting Turnout at 13 Percent, Election Results and Winners

Low voter turnout candidates.

South Carolina Primary: Voting Turnout at 13 Percent, Election Results and Winners

Many expected a lower voter turnout for the primary election but also estimated turnout would be higher in the congressional districts due to the competitive nature of the races. So far, SC Votes reports that voting turnout in South Carolina was at 13%. Anderson County saw 25,085 ballots cast, representing a 20% turnout. Greenville County brought 52,093 ballots cast, translating to a 15% turnout. Spartanburg saw the lowest turnout with 26,160 ballots cast and 12%. Click here to read more about Tuesday’s election results, winners, and runoffs.

Counting Votes in Anderson County

According to reporter A.J. Jackson, who is at McAlister Square, where the Greenville Elections Office is counting votes, a scanner at the Thornblade precinct stopped working, so they’re bringing them to McAlister Square to be counted. 434 total ballots were counted from Thornblade. Conway Belangia is expecting vote counting to go on for another two to three hours.

Andrews: ‘Voting to Try to Straighten It Out’

Robert Cutler, 90, said he voted because he believes his generation “let everybody down.” “I don’t know how the country’s got in the shape it is, so I’m voting to try to straighten it out,” said Cutler, a Pennsylvania native who has lived in the Upstate for over 60 years.

Southwood Academy of the Arts in Anderson

Teresa Alexander, 63, of Anderson, said she voted Democrat, casting her vote at Southwood Academy of the Arts 5/B precinct in Anderson. “There was only a couple of people (on the ballot). May the best man win,” she said.

Mo Abusaft, ‘I’m Feeling Excited’

Spartanburg County Council District 1 incumbent Mo Abusaft said the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church precinct is expected to see a little over 200 voters by the time polls close. He feels good about his chances at reelection. “I’m feeling excellent,” Abusaft said around 5:37 p.m. “You win these races in the four years that you’ve been doing the job; you don’t win it in the eight weeks that you’re running for office, so I feel like my record is going to do more than carry the day for us.”

Centerville, Pendleton Elementary Voters

Centerville Elementary Precinct voter said it’s her civic duty to vote. “It’s so easy; everybody needs to do it. This is the day,” said Sherry Floyd of Anderson, who brought her daughter Claire, 4, who saw her through the whole process at the Centerville precinct.

Timmons versus Morgan

With early voting underway and the June 11 primary approaching, candidates vying for the Republican nomination to represent South Carolina’s 4th congressional district continue to try to show voters who’s more conservative. State Rep. Adam Morgan (R-Greenville) seeks to unseat incumbent U.S. Rep. William Timmons. Both tout their conservative credentials.

South Carolina Primary: Voting Turnout at 13 Percent, Election Results and Winners Spartanburg SC

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