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Shipyard Creek Unveiled: A Revolutionary Transload Property Adjacent to SC Ports Terminal Boosts Efficiency and Growth in Southeastern Port Market

Efficient port transloading operation

Announcing Shipyard Creek: A State-Of-The-Art SC Ports Terminal-Adjacent Transload Property

On July 1, 2024, a new and significant addition came to the port market in Charleston, South Carolina, coined as Shipyard Creek. This uniquely designed transload property offers cutting-edge solutions for retail importers eyeing efficient container movement. Spanning a 42-acre site, the property is geared towards assisting major importers with a cross-dock facility adjacent to the port.

Facilities At Shipyard Creek

The site boasts an impressive 153 dock doors and 724 trailer parking spaces, providing a high capacity for container movement. The presence of Shipyard Creek, situated close to the SC Ports’ Leatherman Terminal, ensures smooth access and optimized operations. Such logistical upgrades within the port market are unparalleled, marking Shipyard Creek as a one-of-kind logistics center on the east coast.

The Significance Of South Carolina Ports

This development finds its roots in the high investment of South Carolina Ports in state-of-the-art infrastructure, aimed at keeping their status as an internationally competitive port. As a gateway for the Southeast market, the SC Ports offers a productive service, an inland port network, and rail connectivity. These features allow for a fast cargo dispatch to the market, offering shippers capacity, reliability, and flexibility for their supply chains.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Strategically placed, Shipyard Creek offers its residents access to major markets like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh within a day. Moreover, more than half of the Southeastern population is accessible within a two-day drive, making it incredibly convenient for businesses. The advanced infrastructure includes on-site storage parking with the capacity to stack up to five shipping containers, thus optimizing efficiency and encouraging tenant growth.

Boosting Southeastern Port Growth

Among the great strides made by the Southeast market, Shipyard Creek stands as a unique opportunity for importers capitalizing on this growth. Its strategic location combined with excellent connectivity and superior features makes it the go-to choice for businesses seeking efficient container movement and distribution.

Efficiency And Capacity

The new transload facility at the Shipyard Creek Logistics Center is poised to increase the operational capabilities and capacity of SC Ports. The addition is expected to enhance supply chain fluidity greatly, in turn catering to the growing demand of the Southeast market.


The addition of Shipyard Creek is certainly a boon to the industry, promising to optimize container movement and boost the overall growth of the Southeastern port. The new development will not only benefit the businesses directly involved but also contribute to the general economic growth of the region.

Shipyard Creek Unveiled: A Revolutionary Transload Property Adjacent to SC Ports Terminal Boosts Efficiency and Growth in Southeastern Port Market Spartanburg SC

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