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Sinkhole Disruption: Main Street in Downtown Aiken Shut Down Indefinitely

Sinkhole Road Closure Illustration

Sinkhole Disruption: Main Street in Downtown Aiken Shut Down Indefinitely

Mar 8, 2024 15 hrs ago – Aiken, SC

A significant interruption hit downtown Aiken on Thursday afternoon as a sinkhole abruptly materialized, swallowing a portion of a busy intersection. The incident resulted in the indefinite closure of a road that would normally be teeming with traffic.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) was setting in motion a paving project at South Boundary Avenue and Whiskey Road when the unforeseen event occurred. As the road beneath them gave way, their efforts quickly metamorphosed into a damage-control operation.

The Collapse and Road Closure

The SCDOT was preparing the commencement of road renovations when a slab of the street collapsed, causing a heavy piece of their equipment to sink and embed into the engorged sinkhole. Fortunately, no damage was inflicted on the local flora, as trees nearby remained unharmed.

The incident occurred between 4 and 5 pm. In the aftermath, local authorities took prompt action, calling for the road’s closure for an indefinite duration to allow for any necessary reparations and prevent any further incidents.

Historical Precedence: Not a Lone Incident

This incident is not the city’s first encounter with sinkholes. In August 2020, a sinkhole manifested in the same location—near South Boundary and Whiskey. Another one was reported in a shopping center back in August 2022, and yet another one on Atomic Road in 2019.

It was established that the cause of the sinkhole in August 2020 was a failure of a SCDOT stormwater line in the South Boundary area, near the southwestern part of Whiskey Road and Chesterfield Street. This resulted in a lengthy few weeks of roadworks and closures until the situation was finally brought under control.

Repairs and Precautions

The sinkhole will necessitate a significant interruption to Aiken’s usual urban bustle. Both the intersection of South Boundary Avenue and Whiskey Road, as well as the 300 block of York Street, will be sealed off for an indefinite period to allow comprehensive repairs to take place. However, the safety of the residents and motorists, as well as the prevention of further damage, remains a top priority for the city and the SCDOT.

City officials will continue to work closely with the SCDOT to handle this traffic situation efficiently and are urging the public to remain patient during this time. Alternate routes have been suggested, and motorists are advised to take extra caution when navigating near the site.

The cause of the latest sinkhole is under investigation by the local authorities. More updates will follow as investigations and repairs progress.

Sinkhole Disruption: Main Street in Downtown Aiken Shut Down Indefinitely Spartanburg SC

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