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South Carolina Ranks 10th in States with Most Rapidly Growing Consumer Debt, According to New WalletHub Survey

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South Carolinians Among Those Carrying Most Debt in the Country

A recent survey by WalletHub indicates a concerning trend. South Carolina ranks 10th as the state with the most rapidly growing consumer debt.

Columbia, S.C. — In a new twist, South Carolinians have found themselves among those carrying the most debt in the country. A recent survey by WalletHub painted a rather grim picture—South Carolina ranked 10th in states where consumer debt is increasing fastest.

According to the survey, the average resident of South Carolina carries nearly $7,000 in credit card debt, over $25,000 in auto loan debt, and around $9,000 in personal loan debt.

The Burgeoning Debt Crisis in South Carolina

These startling figures are symptomatic of a broader problem affecting the financial health of many residents across the state. The high level of consumer debt can impact people in many ways, from their credit scores to their overall financial stability.

The mounting debt crisis is creating a financial strain on households, leading to numerous issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosures, and weaker purchasing power, resulting in a dampened state economy.

How South Carolina Compares with the Rest of the Country

The WalletHub survey indicates that confronting debt is not solely a South Carolina issue. Nationwide, the average American also carries significant levels of debt. However, the sharp increase in debt witnessed by South Carolina draws cause for concern as it ranks higher than many other states.

Yet, despite these challenges, there are strategies in place that can help manage this escalating situation. There is an increasing emphasis on financial education, debt management strategies, and initiatives that target predatory lending practices.

The Way Forward for South Carolinians?

While the numbers are certainly cause for concern, they do serve as a wake-up call. It is time for South Carolinians to confront their financial habits head-on.

Expert advice across the state encourages residents to explore different methods to reduce their debt. Steps to consider include consolidating debt with lower interest loans, creating a realistic budget, or seeking assistance from credit counseling services.

Addressing the root causes of debt is a complex task — it requires a fundamental shift in spending habits, budget management, and most vitally, understanding the implications of taking on debt.


As it stands, the WalletHub survey serves as a stark reminder of the significant impact of debt on financial security, not just for South Carolinians, but for all Americans. It is a call to action for greater financial literacy and prudent spending habits.

South Carolina, amongst the states carrying the most debt, has a challenging journey ahead to reverse this trend. However, with focused effort, robust strategies, and collective responsibility, a shift towards better financial health is surely possible.

South Carolina Ranks 10th in States with Most Rapidly Growing Consumer Debt, According to New WalletHub Survey Spartanburg SC

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