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South Carolina Enacts Constitutional Carry Law becoming the 29th State in the U.S.

Gun rights victory celebration

South Carolina Enacts Constitutional Carry Law Making It the 29th State in the U.S

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has approved permitless carry into law, making South Carolina the 29th state in the country to adopt constitutional carry gun laws. The legislation, backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), allows eligible citizens aged 18 and over to carry a firearm in public without gaining government permission and a permit.

Bill Passed on Bi-partisan Vote

The bill was passed through the state Senate with a vote of 28-18, after previously being approved in the state House in a vote of 86-33. The swift acceptance and passing of the bill mark this occasion as a “long and hard-fought victory for South Carolina”.

Increased Penalties for Illegal Gun Use

In addition to allowing permitless carry, the law intends to drastically increase penalties for illegal gun use and possession by criminals. This measure is designed so that law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges have the power to adequately respond to criminal offenses involving firearms, thereby increasing public safety.

Exemptions to the New Law

Despite the new law, carrying a firearm will still be prohibited in specific locations, such as schools, courthouses, and polling places on election days. Moreover, while residents are not required to carry permits, those wishing to obtain one still have the option to do so. The law also establishes penalties for those who persistently carry firearms into restricted areas.

Critiques Against the Legislation

Despite the victory, the bill has also drawn criticism, with opponents claiming an increased presence of firearms could escalate crime rates and gun-related deaths. However, proponents of the law argue that it is crucial for reinforcing citizens’ constitutional rights to self-defense and that the new penalties will deter criminals from illegal firearm possession.

Continued Influence of NRA in Advocating for Constitutional Carry Laws

The passage of this law marks a continuing trend of states adopting constitutional carry legislation, a cause heavily supported by the NRA. With South Carolina’s recent development, the country now has a total of 29 states with such laws, significantly changing the landscape of gun rights and laws across the country.

Legislation Expected to Empower Citizens

Advocates of the new legislation believe it will empower citizens, especially women, who have been victims of abuse, to take control over their safety. National and statewide organisations, such as the NRA and Chicks with Triggers, respectively, play a fundamental role in helping women understand gun safety and self-defense lessons.

The Impact on Future Laws

This significant milestone in South Carolina adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding gun laws in the United States and will likely potentially impact future gun law discussions in remaining states. Regardless of future developments, South Carolina has affirmed its commitment to empowering its citizens to exercise their right to self-defense, marking a monumental step in the history of gun legislation.

South Carolina Enacts Constitutional Carry Law becoming the 29th State in the U.S. Spartanburg SC

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