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South Carolina Gas Prices Remain Stable Ahead of Independence Day Despite Minor Shifts

Gas Price Stability Celebration

Gas Prices in South Carolina Experience Minimal Shift, Holding Firm Ahead of July 4

South Carolina — The past week has witnessed a minimal shift in gas prices across South Carolina, barely moving the needle for drivers filling their tanks. The average cost per gallon increased merely 0.7 cents, climbing to $3.07 according to a survey conducted by GasBuddy, which covered more than 3,000 gas stations across the state.

A Comparative Look at SC Gas Prices

These minor adjustments in price place South Carolina’s gas markers 8.7 cents below last month’s average and 11.3 cents less when compared to last year’s levels. The lowest reported cost for gas in South Carolina is currently $2.75 per gallon, contrasting to the highest price of $3.79 per gallon, indicating a notable variance of $1.04 per gallon.

Tri-County Area Stands

The cheapest gas found within the Tri-County district on Monday morning was at a North Charleston station, with gas available for a reasonable $2.81 per gallon. This minor increment in South Carolina’s average gas price outruns the national average, which saw an increase of only 0.3 cents per gallon last week. The national average now stands at $3.41 per gallon.

National Gas Prices Remain Steady

Nationally, gas prices are posting a decline of 18.8 cents from the previous month, with a reduction of 14.4 cents compared to the same period last year. Patrick De Haan, the leading petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, stated, “We’ve seen the national average price of gasoline holding most steady compared to last week, with some states seeing their traditional price cycling every couple of weeks, while others have seen prices slowly slip.”

Stable Prices Expected for Forthcoming July 4

He further added, “For now, gasoline prices may see little movement ahead of July 4 as oil prices have risen above $80. But the good news is that instead of the national average jumping to follow the rising price of oil, it’s holding steady. The bummer is that the decreases we hoped for will have to wait, thanks to oil’s climb.”

Diesel Prices On An Upward Curve

In contrast to regular gas prices, diesel prices have seen an increase. Nationally, the average price for a gallon of diesel rose 2.4 cents over the past week to an average of $3.76 per gallon. This upward movement in diesel price further emphasizes the volatile nature of petroleum markets, impacting both drivers and the wider economy.

Notwithstanding these price adjustments, South Carolinian drivers and indeed drivers across the nation will nervously watch the petroleum markets, particularly in a period heralding the Independence Day holiday when travel routines undergo substantial shifts.

South Carolina Gas Prices Remain Stable Ahead of Independence Day Despite Minor Shifts Spartanburg SC

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