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Show up and Talk to Spartanburg Candidates at May 30 Event

Candidates Meet and Greet

‘Show up and Talk’ to Spartanburg Candidates at May 30 Event

Spartanburg County Prepares for the Upcoming Primary Election

Among the 50 candidates running for 24 representative seats in Spartanburg’s local, state, and national offices, Spartanburg residents will have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the candidates on a face-to-face basis. This grand gathering is part of the two-step election process starting with the primary selection where candidates campaign to represent their respective parties in the November General Election, followed by the main election. It is a crucial time to make informed decisions and select the right representatives.

Primary Election Process and Dates

The partisan primary in South Carolina is scheduled for June 11. The early voting period for the primary starts from May 28. In this primary selection process, candidates identify themselves as Democratic, Republican, Constitutional, Green or any other political party that aligns with their beliefs. The candidate who gets the majority of primary votes in their party’s race secures a spot on the November ballot, representing their political party.

Preview of Spartanburg Primary Election

Among the 24 representative seats, 19 seats have only one candidate from one of the two major parties, leaving these candidates unopposed. Their names will not appear on the June Primary Ballot. This leaves 31 candidates vying for the support of the public in the June 11 Spartanburg County Primary. When voters show up on the voting day, they will only see candidates specific to their district on their primary ballot.

So How Do You Decide Who to Vote for?

To make an informed decision, voters might need to browse candidates’ campaign ads, social media, or visit their websites to understand their positions on central issues. However, a unique opportunity is being provided to the residents of Spartanburg. The League of Women Voters of Spartanburg County has collaborated with the Upstate Action Alliance to hold a “Meet and Greet” event, offering a direct interaction with the candidates.

‘Show up and Talk’ to Your Candidates

Slated for May 30 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Cyril-Westside Public Library, the “Meet and Greet” event invites the public to speak one-on-one with the candidates. The event is designed to afford voters an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the candidates, their views, and their plans if elected. Such initiatives aim to boost the public’s interest and participation in the upcoming elections. All candidates running in the June 11 Primary have been invited to attend the event.

Your Voice Matter, It’s Time to Show Up

Given the low turnout of 17% of registered voters in the 2022 primaries, the need to entice a larger portion of the voting populous has never been more urgent. Every vote counts, and every voter has a responsibility. The community of Spartanburg is urged to show up, participate in the discussion, and help shape the future of their county.

Show up and Talk to Spartanburg Candidates at May 30 Event Spartanburg SC

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