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Hub City Spartanburgers: Rangers’ New Single-A Team in 2025

Baseball team logo reveal

Hub City Spartanburgers: Rangers’ New Single-A Team in 2025

Spartanburg, also known as the Hub City, is welcoming a promising new player to its baseball scene in 2025. Residents, or “Spartanburgers”, are gearing up for the arrival of their new Minor League Baseball team: The Hub City Spartanburgers.

Introducing The Hub City Spartanburgers

Previously known as the Down East Wood Ducks from Kinston, N.C., the team is migrating to Spartanburg to join the Texas Rangers affiliate. Fifth Third Park, a state-of-the-art stadium presently under construction in downtown Spartanburg, will be the team’s new home ground.

The city last hosted Minor League Baseball with the Spartanburg Phillies, with their last season dating back to 1995. After a long 30-year hiatus, the long-awaited arrival of the Spartanburgers marks a significant moment in the city’s baseball history.

Hub City Spartanburgers: The Unveiling

The announcement of the team’s new name and logo was a grand affair, unveiled on Saturday evening at a Team Name Reveal Block Party. The event was a community celebration, featuring live music, food trucks, and a spectacular display of fireworks to welcome the new team.

With a color scheme boasting navy blue, bright green, red, brown, and yellow, the team’s logo is a charismatic burger donning a train conductor’s cap – a nod to Spartanburg’s railroad history. The burger, yet to be named, also features a twinkle in its eye and a beaming smile, adding to its infectious energy and personality.

The Story Behind the Name

General Manager Tyson Jeffers, in charge of bringing the team’s identity to life, explained why the team’s name is both “unique and specific.” The term ‘Hub City’, prevalent in Spartanburg, is rooted in the city’s industrial past, a nod to its role as a hub for the railroad industry in the turn-of-the-20th century.

Incorporating both the city’s nickname and denonym within the team name upholds the deep connection between the community and the team. It’s more than just a moniker – it’s a symbol of the city’s resurgent growth and vibrancy.

A New Era for Baseball in Spartanburg

Ready to step up the plate in the 2025 season, the Hub City Spartanburgers have a significant task ahead of them – living up to their delicious namesake. Jeffers promises to offer the ‘best dang burgers in baseball’, sparking a mouthwatering anticipation amongst fans and residents.

The arrival of the Hub City Spartanburgers signifies a new exciting chapter in Spartanburg’srich baseball history, returning the much-loved sport to the city after three decades. The team is committed to building a community around baseball in the Hub City, one stuffed bun at a time.

Hub City Spartanburgers: Rangers' New Single-A Team in 2025 Spartanburg SC

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