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Power Up Spartanburg Launches New Programs to Fuel Small and Minority Businesses

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Power Up Spartanburg Launches New Programs to Fuel Small and Minority Businesses

Spartanburg, SC – As Power Up Spartanburg approaches its first anniversary, the initiative shows no signs of slowing down. To further support the growth of small and minority businesses in Spartanburg County, Power Up Spartanburg is launching three new development programs. The programs are designed to provide crucial supports to these businesses, enabling them not only to weather challenging times but also to prosper.

Introducing Three New Programs

These development programs are administered under OneSpartanburg Inc., an inclusive organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and business climate of Spartanburg County. The new programs introduced include:

Power Up Securing Contracts

To ensure that small and minority businesses have equal opportunities to compete for business contracts, Power Up Securing Contracts introduces a supplier-readiness program. This program is designed to provide businesses with the requisite knowledge and resources to secure contracts from large companies and corporations. The goal is not only to provide immediate opportunities but also to give these businesses the skills to negotiate and secure contracts independently in the long run.

Power Up Experts

This program gives small and minority businesses access to vetted subject matter experts in various fields such as accounting and finance, human resources, legal matters, and marketing. The program aims to level the playing field by providing these businesses with resources usually accessible to larger businesses.

Power Up University

In collaboration with local colleges and universities, Power Up University offers hands-on courses to small and minority business owners. These courses provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart or expand a business. For this program, both Spartanburg Community College and USC Upstate are offering their curriculum and courses.

Sustained Support for the Underserved

This latest move by Power Up Spartanburg demonstrates its sustained commitment to enhancing the opportunities available to small and minority businesses. By bridging the information and resource gap, these programs aim to tackle the unique challenges that these businesses face in today’s fast-paced business environment. The initiative’s team truly believes that fostering the development and growth of these businesses will anchor the local community and contribute significantly to the economy of Spartanburg County.

The complete details about these programs are available on the Power Up Spartanburg website.

This announcement reinforces Power Up Spartanburg’s promise of promoting growth, prosperity, and diversity in the local business community. With these additional resources, it is expected to pave the way for many more success stories among small and minority businesses in Spartanburg County over the coming years.

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Power Up Spartanburg Launches New Programs to Fuel Small and Minority Businesses Spartanburg SC

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