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Spartanburg County Schools to Close for April 8 Solar Eclipse

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Spartanburg County Schools to Close for April 8 Solar Eclipse

Spartanburg News | April 1, 2024

Spartanburg County students are in for a unique experience on April 8 as all schools in the county will be closed for the partial solar eclipse set to occur that day. Several school districts in the county have decided to implement an e-learning day, allowing students to complete assignments remotely and safely observe the celestial event from home.

Safety Concerns Prompt Closure

The decision to close schools on April 8 stems from safety concerns related to viewing the solar eclipse. With the eclipse expected to peak around 3 p.m., there are worries about students and staff looking at the sun without adequate eye protection. Additionally, the operational challenges of managing student dismissal during the eclipse were cited as reasons for the closure.

E-Learning Day Arrangements

During the e-learning day, students will be expected to log in remotely and complete assignments provided by their teachers. This approach allows for continued learning while ensuring the safety of students during the solar event. District officials have emphasized the importance of following safety guidelines when viewing the eclipse, including the use of solar eclipse glasses.

Alternative Viewing Options

For those interested in observing the eclipse, alternative viewing options are available. The Spartanburg County Library will be distributing solar eclipse glasses to allow safe viewing of the celestial event. Additionally, Walmart stores in select locations will have these glasses available for purchase. Those unable to access glasses can also watch the eclipse online via NASA’s live stream.

Next Solar Eclipse in South Carolina

While the upcoming eclipse on April 8 offers a partial view of the sun, the next total solar eclipse visible in South Carolina is not expected until 2078. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity to witness a celestial phenomenon and make the necessary preparations to do so safely.


With Spartanburg County schools preparing for a day of remote learning on April 8, students and residents alike are gearing up for a unique experience. The safety of students and staff remains a top priority as the community eagerly awaits the partial solar eclipse. Stay tuned for more updates and information as the date approaches.

Spartanburg County Schools to Close for April 8 Solar Eclipse Spartanburg SC

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