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Leaders Present Update on Spartanburg County Vision Plan 2.0

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Leaders Present Update on Spartanburg County Vision Plan 2.0

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Ongoing efforts to guide Spartanburg County’s growth while maintaining a high quality of life are taking shape in the form of the Vision Plan 2.0. Spearheaded by the local chamber of commerce, the development blueprint highlights key initiatives aimed at transforming facets of economic and community life.

Spartanburg’s Progressive Aspirations

Allen Smith, the CEO and President of OneSpartanburg, has been pivotal in the strategy’s creation and implementation. According to Smith, the Vision Plan is primarily driving economic and community development in Spartanburg County, a region that’s become attractive to newcomers, with 29 people moving here each day.

The first five-year vision plan was rolled out in 2017. Given its success, Plan 2.0 was developed, a more long-term action plan intended to shape Spartanburg until 2026. The achievement of the plan’s objectives will be facilitated by 15 key initiatives.

Key Progress on Vision Plan 2.0

OneSpartanburg reports great strides made from the first to the second year of implementing the Vision Plan 2.0. Substantial investments signify a booming economy, with $800 million worth of projects either under construction or announced for downtown Spartanburg. However, the plan goes beyond economic growth to incorporate elements that amplify the character of the district and make it more appealing.

The county’s leaders aim to establish a thriving downtown district. To this end, beautification campaigns are running alongside significant development projects. An illustration of such an initiative is the Saluda Rail Trail project, which highlights the importance of outdoor recreation in the county’s future plan.

Investing in People

The vision extends to investing in human capital, implementing policies to create job opportunities, foster the growth of small businesses, and promote educational advancement. The recently launched Re:Degree program, for instance, offers financial aid to individuals seeking to return to college.

The organization is presently assisting a total of 262 participants to complete their educational aspirations. The broader Vision Plan also encompasses programs to address transportation and childcare needs.

Smith passionately reiterated the people-centered approach of the plan, emphasizing that it starts and ends with people. The comprehensive outlook of Vision Plan 2.0 illustrates this clearly.

Interested individuals can learn more about the detailed Vision Plan 2.0 here.

Leaders Present Update on Spartanburg County Vision Plan 2.0 Spartanburg SC

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