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Downtown Spartanburg Undergoes Major Developments

Urban Revitalization Progression.

Downtown Spartanburg Undergoes Major Developments

For those who haven’t noticed the bulldozers and demolition trucks working day in and day out, downtown Spartanburg is undergoing significant transformations. The city has planned a slew of new projects, some of which are already under construction.

“Downtown Spartanburg is about to change significantly, and many people may not yet realize the extent of these transformations,” said Christopher George, the city communication manager.

The Fifth-Third Park

The construction work for the minor league baseball stadium is moving as planned, with an opening expected same time next year. In the next few weeks, exciting revelations about the team’s name and identity are expected to be made.

The Planetarium

This three-story complex, situated next to the library headquarters, will house a 50-foot dome and a 134-seat theater. Construction is moving smoothly, with an opening anticipated by Spring next year. In addition to indoor facilities, a public plaza is also being created outside the Planetarium.

Penny Tax Projects

The remaining penny tax projects are progressing well. Post the Spring Fling, the demolition of Spartanburg City Hall will go full steam ahead. This will pave the way for a joint city-county complex, expected to open by 2026. Further, the old courthouse will also face demolition this year, making way for a public plaza and new courthouse.

“The public space that would be created following the courthouse demolition would be the centerpiece of the new, bustling downtown,” explained George.

Morgan Square

Once the final details on the stadium are decided, the city council will shift its focus to Morgan Square redevelopment. Plans for potential programming details are expected to be announced soon.

“Events on the square will continue, but the aim is to bring small groups on a regular basis in order to generate a consistent buzz of activity,” said George.

Private Developments

A mixed-use development, referred to as “Project Hoist”, is under discussion in a city council executive session. More details are anticipated soon. Also, Box Car rail trail project is under construction. The project will offer residential units and retail space.

However, Main Street’s 11-story tower project has been stalled due to rising inflation costs. Despite this, the developer remains committed to the project.

It is worth noting that many of these projects are taking shape concurrently, prompting the city to rely on staggered and phased construction schedules to manage traffic flow and re-routing needs.

“We are making sure that disruptions are limited more to side streets and are not present on major thoroughfares,” reassured George.

Downtown Spartanburg Undergoes Major Developments Spartanburg SC

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