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Spartanburg Boosts Downtown Walkability in Anticipation of Development Surge

"Downtown Spartanburg walkability improvements"

Spartanburg Prepares for Burst of Development by Improving Downtown Walkability

February 13, 2024


As the city of Spartanburg grows and prepares for exciting new developments, city leaders are prioritizing improvements in downtown safety and walkability for residents. The local government, recognizing the benefits of a more pedestrian-friendly environment, initiated a transportation plan more than a year ago to assess downtown accessibility and movement.

Tool Designs Transportation Study

The city enlisted the assistance of TOOL Designs, a planning and design consultancy, to conduct a comprehensive transportation study aimed at evaluating and enhancing the pedestrian and traffic flow within the city. The results so far indicate that while downtown intersections serve car traffic adequately, there remains plenty to do to ensure safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists.

One significant finding indicated a strong public desire for improved safety measures at specific pedestrian street crossings, such as Church Street. Additionally, the study brought attention to the issue of truck traffic on Pine Street and the potential impact of upcoming construction projects on traffic patterns.

Improving Pedestrian Safety

A major focus of the study has been on pedestrian safety, with the timing of pedestrian crossings and the possible addition of more defined pedestrian lines at intersections being essential considerations. The city intends to make walking in the city center not only safer but also a more enjoyable experience, potentially contributing to downtown’s vibrancy and liveliness.

Early recommendations

Though the final plan is expected to be released in Spring, several preliminary recommendations have emerged. These suggestions include implementing more effective signage, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of downtown corridors, and considering the reduction of some four-lane roads down to two lanes to accommodate wider sidewalks – all with the aim of amplifying pedestrian friendliness in the urban core.

The Future of Downtown

Once the comprehensive plan, complete with all recommendations, gets released in the Spring, the public will have the opportunity to weigh in on its content during public input sessions. Following this, the city council will make the final decisions about prioritizing and implementing the projects that will guide the city’s progress in becoming more pedestrian-friendly and prepared for the impending wave of development.


This initiative is a reflection of the city’s intent to be proactive in creating a safe, accessible, and enjoyable urban environment for a rapidly growing population. By recognizing the importance of a comprehensive and effective transportation plan, Spartanburg is setting the stage for a smooth transition as the city braces for a wave of new development projects and an increase in downtown activity.

Spartanburg Boosts Downtown Walkability in Anticipation of Development Surge Spartanburg SC

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