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Spartanburg Gym Owner Faces Eviction Notice with City’s 3 Month Relocation Deadline

Spartanburg gym facing relocation

‘I’ll be out of business’: Spartanburg Gym Owner Says City Gave 3 Month Notice to Relocate

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, a location known for its vibrant downtown area, the Nautilus Fitness Center, a local fitness facility, is rallying against a three-month notice of relocation. The sudden notice from the city authorities not only left the owner, John Lankford, stunned but also exposed potential lapses in the dialogues between small businesses and city planners.

Nautilus Fitness Center’s Importance to the Community

The Nautilus Fitness Center has proudly served locals for over 47 years. Situated on Church Street for nearly 37 years, it has borne witness and contributed to the transformation of downtown Spartanburg, from an eerily deserted area to a prospering, burgeoning district. Lankford mentioned, “People come from all over the county just to come to this gym. They pass other gyms just to come here”, emphasizing his fitness center’s community acclaim.

Spartanburg City’s Announcement

John Lankford first heard about plans to construct a government building paid for by penny sales tax two years ago. This multi-level complex, including a parking garage, is intended to house both city and county offices. The city has also declared intentions to contract a private developer to construct apartments and commercial spaces on the same Church Street lot.

The Notice of Relocation

Lankford mentioned having received a letter from the city on a Thursday afternoon that contained an offer to acquire his property and a notice to vacate by October. The offer, according to Lankford, is not nearly enough to allow him to relocate his business elsewhere, leading him to express his concerns, “I cannot go anywhere with what they’re offering me. I’ll be out of business after 47 years of serving the community of downtown Spartanburg and the county.”

No Agreement Reached

Although officials initially suggested options like assisting Lankford in relocating to another downtown spot and guaranteeing him a place in the new development, no deal was ever struck. “We found out in January someone came in representing the county, and the city said these are the plans, and you’re not in it.” Lankford recalled.

Lankford’s Reaction and Future Steps

Despite the heartbreaking ordeal, Lankford isn’t ready to accept defeat without a fight, citing the impact this can have on other businesses. “If it can happen to us here at Nautilus Fitness Center, it can happen down the street to another business,” he bravely declares. He plans to seek legal counsel to chart the course for the next steps to assert his rights.

Awaiting Spartanburg City Officials’ Response

As of now, city officials have maintained silence, not responding to inquiries. HERE News Network will continue monitoring this unfolding story, offering timely updates as further information becomes available.

Spartanburg Gym Owner Faces Eviction Notice with City's 3 Month Relocation Deadline Spartanburg SC

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