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Spartanburg Music Trail offers 10 Stops Spotlighting 20 Music Legends

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Spartanburg Music Trail offers 10 Stops Spotlighting 20 Music Legends

The Spartanburg Music Trail in South Carolina offers a unique and comprehensive exploration of the city’s rich musical history. Launched in 2011, this collaboration between the City of Spartanburg, the nonprofit Hub City Writers Project, Spartanburg Philharmonic, and Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau has quickly become an important part of the city’s cultural landscape.

Get Immersed in Spartanburg’s Musical Past

Following the Spartanburg Music Trail is an immersive 2,000-step journey that brings visitors face-to-face with the stories of 20 esteemed musicians. Via this half-hour stroll, travellers are introduced to some of the greatest legends in rock ‘n’ roll, soul, gospel, opera, and pop who have left their mark on Spartanburg, known as the Hub City.

As participants traverse the trail through downtown Spartanburg, each stop is marked by clear signs unveiling summaries of the highlighted artists’ lives, their musical contributions, and claims to fame, along with snippets of their music. This thorough interactive experience is easily accessible on a smartphone, allowing everyone to join in the historic tour at their convenience.

The Artists That Made Spartanburg Famous

Starting at North Daniel Morgan Avenue and West Main Street, the trail kicks off with Ira B. Tucker, the gospel singer from the Dixie Hummingbirds who found fame influencing music legends like B.B. King, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder. As the trail snakes through the city, the stories of other remarkable musicians come alive, inviting participants to revel in the city’s musical heritage.

Visitors can stop at Morgan Square to uncover the tale of Marshall Tucker Band and its chart-topping hit, “Can’t You See”. There’s a poignant pause at Denny’s Plaza as the tale of Walter Hyatt unfolds, who made significant contributions to the Austin and Nashville music scenes before his sudden demise in a plane crash in 1996.

As the tour moves along Liberty Street, music lovers get to walk in stride with the rhythm of The Sparkletones’ famous single, “Black Slacks,” at stop seven. Just a few steps ahead, the trail introduces Buck Trent of Arcadia Mills, known for his distinctive banjo and steel guitar stylings.

A Soprano’s Tale and Beyond

The trail draws to a close with the extraordinary tales of countertenor David Daniels, the son of Spartanburg voice teachers Phyllis and Perry Daniels, and soprano Gianna Rolandi, who performed in Mozart’s renowned opera Marriage of Figaro. Born in New York City, Rolandi spent her high school years in Spartanburg, leaving a significant imprint on the city’s musical footprint.

Overall, the Spartanburg Music Trail is an auditory delight, opening doors to an immersive exploration of the city’s diverse musical lineage and honoring its most prominent music figures. It is a testament to Spartanburg’s unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating its vibrant musical heritage.

/source: HERE News Network, author: HERE News/

Spartanburg Music Trail offers 10 Stops Spotlighting 20 Music Legends Spartanburg SC

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