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Spartanburg Music Trail Excites Audience with Sign Redesign and Welcomes New Members

Music trail sign unveiling.

Spartanburg Music Trail Excites Audience with Sign Redesign and Welcomes New Members

Music lovers gathered in Spartanburg on June 13, 2024, for a sign unveiling event by the Spartanburg Music Trail that was held outside the Rockers Brewing Company. The event clamored with excitement as the trail welcomed three new members to its ranks – Peter Cooper, Fayssoux McLean, and James Reese. Their signs, designed with an all-new vibrant look by Spartanburg Philharmonic, were the first to be unveiled, each complete with music notes and guitar motifs, along with QR codes that link to the Music Trail’s website.

Honoring Spartanburg’s Native Musical Prowess

The Spartanburg Music Trail has since its inception in 2011, celebrated Spartanburg’s rich music history. The induction of the late Peter Cooper, a renowned musician and journalist, was especially heartfelt. As per the words of his friend, Baker Maultsby, “He contributed to the journalistic output and the culture of Spartanburg… This is a great honor for Peter.”

Peter Cooper’s sign was aligned alongside Carlos Moseley, who held esteemed positions in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. The sign overlooks the West Main Street and Daniel Morgan Avenue, across from the site of the new baseball stadium expected to open in 2025.

Renowned Artists Share the Recognition

Well-known artists Fayssoux McLean, a celebrated singer and James Reese, a revered trombonist, were honored with a shared sign located in front of Cribbs Kitchen. McLean, whose performances with EmmyLou Harris, Ricky Skaggs, and Lloyd Green put her in the limelight expressed her joy on the recognition. “Spartanburg is a very musical town … and I have so much history here in Spartanburg,” said McLean, who also imparted her knowledge and love for music while teaching at Cannons Elementary.

James Reese, known for his performances with The Temptations, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown, fondly remembered for his contributions to music education in Spartanburg. As music teacher, band director for Spartanburg School District 2 and director of the Sounds of Diversity Choir and Orchestra, Reese wanted to be remembered for the positive impact he made on his students. “My whole desire is to be one of the best at making others better.” Reese said.

The Promise of Fresh Aesthetics

Started with a mere group of 12 inductees, the Spartanburg Music Trail now boasts of 11 signs featuring 22 artists, who have shaped the American music scene. However, the need for sign redesign was felt considering their inability to weather well. This was well into perspective by Kathryn Boucher, executive director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic. “We took this as an opportunity to redesign all of them and make them more vibrant,” she remarked. The newly unveiled sign designs boast of a fresh bright blue color scheme that makes them distinctively music-focused.

The latest inductees’ inaugural into the Spartanburg Music Trail not only heralds the voices of the city’s musical past but also looks forward to the bright future of Spartanburg’s music scene. As Mark Ferguson, Vice President of the Spartanburg Philharmonic Board mentioned at the event, “Great cities are judged by how they treat their native sons and daughters.” And indeed, Spartanburg has proven its stature.

Spartanburg Music Trail Excites Audience with Sign Redesign and Welcomes New Members Spartanburg SC

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