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Former Corrections Officer at Spartanburg County Prison Charged With Assault

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Former Corrections Officer at Spartanburg County Prison Charged With Assault

Overview of incident

In a shocking turn of events, a former corrections officer, Jacob Johnson, aged 37, from Spartanburg County’s Tyger River Correctional Institution was charged late Tuesday evening with second-degree assault and battery along with misconduct in the office, after reports surfaced of him allegedly assaulting an inmate. The South Carolina Department of Corrections announced the charges in a statement, explaining the incident which took place last month at this Spartanburg-based county prison.

Johnson, a resident of Union, was accused of grabbing the inmate by the neck region, leading him to the nearest wall, and physically restraining him against it. This incident, dated March 8, resulted in moderate bodily injury to the inmate who then required immediate medical care. Authorities stated the victim was released from medical care on the same day.

Arrival of the Arrest Warrants

On April 9, arrest warrants were served for Johnson detailing his actions which were described as negligent and injurious in the official document. His behavior violated the welfare and safety standards needed to maintain balanced and secure prison conditions. The arrest warrants affirmed that Johnson, by gripping the inmate’s neck and shoulder area, and subsequently forcing him against a wall, caused the victim unnecessary harm and distress which then led to immediate medical intervention.

Immediate Aftermath and Legal Consequences

As a response to these revelations, Jacob Johnson was dismissed from his service at the Tyger River Correctional Institution. The unlawful conduct with the inmate led to charges of second-degree assault and battery, as well as misconduct in the office. The case is now awaiting its turn in the courts for a detailed procedure including testimonies and presentation of the available evidence.

The incident has spurred a fresh conversation about the daily conduct and routines within penitentiary institutions. This case highlights a critical flaw in prison systems – the upholding of human rights for prisoners, and the importance of enforcing ethical practices among staff. This news is a stark reminder that the treatment of prisoners needs to be governed by basic human rights norms, notwithstanding their existing sentences.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has assured the public that they are committed to maintaining proper discipline and conduct within their facilities to protect the rights of both prisoners and staff. As part of their actions following this incident, they have confirmed that assault, violence or misconduct by any staff member is untolerable and any such actions will be promptly addressed and necessary proceedings undertaken to uphold justice.

Former Corrections Officer at Spartanburg County Prison Charged With Assault Spartanburg SC

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