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Spartanburg Regional Searching for Participants in Breast Cancer Screening Study

Breast cancer screening comparison.

Spartanburg Regional Searching for Participants in Breast Cancer Screening Study

Two Decoding Techniques, One Purpose – Detecting Breast Cancer

GREENVILLE, S.C.: Researchers from the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare are looking for participants for a breast cancer screening study. Endeavoring to find the most effective method for the detection of breast cancer, the study will compare 2D mammograms and 3D mammograms. Initial indications are pointing towards the superiority of the 3D imaging technique.

As one of the many health care institutions participating in this nationwide research, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare is aiming to screen over 100,000 women for breast cancer.

The standard 2D mammogram incorporates a digital x-ray technique that takes images from two sides of the woman’s breast. In contrast, the 3D mammogram takes images from many different angles to build a three-dimensional image. The 3D image helps in better understanding and identifying any potential abnormalities.

Study Design and Main Researcher

Dr. Amy Curtis, a radiation oncologist at the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare, is the principal investigator of the study, dubbed as TMIST. She expressed that the study is designed to run over five years and will evaluate the performance of both mammogram techniques over multiple rounds of screening.

Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

To qualify for the study, the participants should not be pregnant or lactating. They must not have any current signs of breast cancer or a history of it. It must have been at least 11 months since their last mammogram, and they cannot have any breast enhancements. Those who have dense breasts or have a family history of breast cancer are eligible for the study.

Dr. Curtis stated the importance of this trial for the local community, “One of the benefits of having this trial open here is that the data from that study will be applicable to our patients.” She further added the variety of patients will include those from rural areas, minorities, those with dense breasts, and both with and without a family history of breast cancer.

Contact Information

For more information about the study and how to be a part of this essential research, visit the official Spartanburg Regional Healthcare website.

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Spartanburg Regional Searching for Participants in Breast Cancer Screening Study Spartanburg SC

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