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Spartanburg Contemplates Rideshare Platform as An Alternative to Bus Transport

City rideshare program concept

Spartanburg Contemplates Rideshare Platform as An Alternative to Bus Transport

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina – The city government of Spartanburg is contemplating the launch of a city-wide rideshare program in the near future. This initiative is an attempt to enhance their public transportation options and to cater to the modern mobility demands of its residents. The rideshare initiative will function similarly to popular cab services like Uber or Lyft yet at a much lower cost.

Adapting to Changing Modes of Transport

The city authorities acknowledge that the reliance on buses for public transportation is gradually becoming archaic, especially for a city of Spartanburg’s size. While many people still rely on buses for their daily commute, this new program could provide them with an additional, more convenient mode of transport.

Dependency on Public Transport

Citizens like Gary Ulickey have been reliant on the Sparta bus system after his vehicle broke down and he couldn’t afford to repair it. Similarly, the Brannon family have been patrons of the bus system since 1998, primarily because of the convenience and opportunities it offers – from doctor’s appointments to shopping trips.

Rideshare Program: A New Vision for Public Transport

The city’s planned rideshare program, which could be accessed via a phone call or app, envisions deploying a fleet of handicapped-accessible vans. These vans, driven by Sparta drivers, would provide door-to-door service, picking up passengers from their homes or nearby locations and transporting them to their destinations.

According to Christopher George, the Spartanburg City Communications Manager, this program wouldn’t replace the existing bus system. Instead, it is being considered as an additional, potentially more convenient means of transport for the residents. “It’ll be a lot more convenient for folks than the fixed route bus system,” he stated. The projected cost of a rideshare trip is no more than the current bus fare of $1.50.

Public Reactions and Future Plans

Residents like Gary Ulickey and the Brannon family have responded positively to the idea, citing the cost-effectiveness and convenience of the proposed system. Additionally, the new program could especially benefit seniors and those with mobility challenges by reducing their reliance on bus schedules, particularly during harsh weather conditions.

While a launch date for the pilot program has yet to be announced, the city promises to provide updates in the coming months. The program is slated to run for at least a year as a trial, allowing the city to evaluate its success and acceptance among the community.

Spartanburg Contemplates Rideshare Platform as An Alternative to Bus Transport Spartanburg SC

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