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Students Combat Animal Homelessness with Artistic Initiative

Students painting animal portraits.

Students Combat Animal Homelessness with Artistic Initiative

Spartanburg’s Young Artists Lend Their Talents to a Humane Cause


In a striking display of creativity and social responsibility, Spartanburg students have embarked on an artistic project, “Painting for Paws,” aiming to raise funds and awareness about animal homelessness. The initiative was conceived under the guidance of the Hub City Animal Project (HCAP), a nonprofit organization that has been fighting animal homelessness since 2014.

The Hub City Animal Project: Educating and Empowering Youths

Lora Hodge, the executive director of HCAP, underscores the importance of humane education. Hodge states that such an education encourages children to face the world’s challenges with integrity and compassion. The ultimate goal is to pinpoint and address the issues that lead individuals to surrender their pets, thus curbing animal homelessness.

Artistic Endeavor to Make a Difference

The unique initiative involves students from various Spartanburg County schools pledging their artistic skills to bring attention to the issue. These young artists created heart-touching portraits of animals displayed for adoption on Petfinder, an online pet adoption platform. The life-like images will be exhibited at Mayfair Art Studios at a special event named “Painting for Paws,” scheduled on April 16. The proceeds from the sale of these artworks, priced at $25, will go to HCAP, funding further efforts towards battling animal homelessness.

Facing the Grim Reality: Animal Shelter Crisis

Angel Cox, CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, explains that most of the animals residing in their shelter are surrendered pets. The shelter is consistently at full capacity, and currently, there is a long waiting list of animals, particularly large dogs, in dire need of homes. Many pet owners surrender their companions owing to financial constraints or moving to locations where pets are not allowed. Cox assures that the pets are safe in their care, as the institution does not perform euthanasia on any animals.

Preventive Measures and a Plea to Pet Owners

According to Lora Hodge, the main contributor to shelter overcrowding is a lack of spaying and neutering pets. She insists that funding such services for pet owners can considerably reduce the number of homeless animals. The plea from HCAP to all pet owners is a resounding “Please, don’t surrender your pet.”

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Students Combat Animal Homelessness with Artistic Initiative Spartanburg SC

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