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Transformation of Former McMahan Shoes Building into Studio Apartments Underway in Downtown Spartanburg

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Transformation of Former McMahan Shoes Building into Studio Apartments Underway in Downtown Spartanburg

In an iconic shift in downtown Spartanburg, the former McMahan Shoes building, a mainstay in the city for over five decades, is set to become studio apartments. The innovative transformation is projected to be ready for tenants by the end of the year, according to developer Brandon McKillop.

A New Chapter for Downtown Living

McKillop, who bought the building located at 249 E. Main St., hopes to initiate the renovations by summer. Speaking about the venture, he said, “I just feel like the downtown area needs some different types of residential spaces. When we originally bought it, we did consider keeping it commercial, but parking is just such a challenge. It would be easier for people to find a place to park and walk to their apartments.”

The plans include the renovation of the former shoe store into two back-to-back studio apartments with one facing East Main and the other having an entrance off South Dean Street. The beautiful Coke-Cola mural present within the old building will be preserved, a gesture by McKillop to preserve a piece of the city’s history amidst the transformation.

Adaptive Reuse Projects: A Haven for Downtown Development

The McMahan Shoes building is one of the numerous adaptive reuse projects on East Main, joining finished projects like Aug Smith on Main, a mixed-use space within a historic department store, and upcoming projects including the 111 E. Main venture, which plans to convert two former commercial spaces into a mix of residential and retail units.

The city’s communication manager, Christopher George, expressed his enthusiasm about the future of the former McMahan Shoes location, emphatically stating, “We’re excited to see a future for the former McMahan Shoes location that will ensure the historic space continues to be a useful part of Downtown Spartanburg’s landscape. Smaller adaptive reuse projects like this that meet the housing needs of our growing downtown are very important for maintaining continuity for our residents and visitors.”

A Farewell to an Icon

McMahan Shoes brought down its shutters in April 2022 after serving Spartanburg for 54 long years. The transformation of its building is symbolic of the city’s growing inclination towards renovating and reusing its historic spaces for contemporary needs.

A Positive Step Forward

This initiative confirms the potential of adaptive reuse to answer the housing needs in growing urban centers. By converting old commercial spaces into mixed-use residential and retail units, cities like Spartanburg are ensuring a sustainable and effective use of their built environment. It will be fascinating to see this project come to fruition and continue to add to the charm of downtown Spartanburg.

Transformation of Former McMahan Shoes Building into Studio Apartments Underway in Downtown Spartanburg Spartanburg SC

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